5 Content Marketing Tips to Get Your Content SEEN Online

You’ve spent all that time crafting the perfect piece of content, but now what? The best content is useless if it isn’t seen by the right people.

Content marketing is key when it comes to driving traffic and generating leads for your business, but distributing that content can be a challenge. Unless your audience is actively seeking you out, chances are they won’t find your content on their own. Optimizing for search engines and posting your content to social media is a good start, but here are some more tips for expanding the reach of your content.

Reach out to influencers

Before you hit Publish, it’s a good idea to plan out your content marketing strategy. A great way to ensure better reach and visibility is to reach out to bloggers and other influencers in your industry. Ask them for a few quotes surrounding the topic that you can use in your content, and they’ll be likely to share it with their own followers.

Use social banners

Social media banners such as your Facebook or Twitter cover images are a source of marketing real estate that’s often overlooked by content marketers. These banners are seen daily, so why not take advantage of that traffic? Change up your social banners from time to time to promote new ebooks, whitepapers, and other content.

Cite your sources when you share

If your content includes quotes, media, or other snippets from outside sources, it’s worth mentioning them when you post your content to social media. Not only will this spread your reach to your sources and their audience, it will also strengthen your position as an authority in your industry. You’ll become the go-to for topics surrounding your business, which can lead to more traffic and better leads in the future.

Make use of your best performing content

Do you have a specific blog post or landing page that sets the curve for your monthly traffic reports? There are several ways to optimize that boosted traffic. If you have new content with a similar topic, try pulling keywords from your best performing content and apply them to a new, downloadable piece that’s designed to generate leads. You can also insert a CTA in your best performing content, directing your audience toward what’s new.

Guest post on high ranking sites

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your exposure and generate new sources of traffic within your industry. The scope and scale of your guest posts can be as simple as agreeing to share your article on their site, or you can tailor a blog post specifically to their audience as a way to introduce yourself. Guest blogging is also a great way to establish yourself as a leading expert in your field.

Final Tips:

  • Content marketing doesn’t have to wait until after you’ve finished crafting a piece of content. Start planning your marketing strategy early. While you’re researching your topic, take time to brainstorm the best tactics for distribution.
  • Think of the keywords you want to rank for while you’re writing your content, and do your best to work those keywords into headers, body text, and your title.
  • Never leave “dead ends” in your content! Whether it’s a blog post, ebook, or any other type of content, always provide your audience with a “Next Step” for them to follow.

Content marketing can be a challenge, especially after you’ve put all your effort into content creation. With the right planning, however, you’ll increase the reach of your content every time and generate more leads for your business.