Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms in 2018

Content production has become so massive that it has turned into a real industry with its leaders and outsiders. Content today is the same product as a smartphone or a plastic bag. This industry also has companies that set the trends of content marketing the same way, Apple rules in the segment of gadgets. Devote some time to discover top 10 content marketing platforms that will be in the center of everyone’s attention in 2018.

1. CMO by Adobe

Adobe’s content hub is an excellent example of a targeted platform for promoting branded posts that benefits consumers. Thanks to a well-thought-out interface and quality articles, supplemented with visual materials, you can surreptitiously spend a lot of time browsing the website.

2. GE Reports

GE Reports positions itself as the leading, daily online edition by General Electric. Even taking a quick glance at their content and platform structure, you will understand that they have the right to speak proudly about themselves.

A key feature of the platform is content, dedicated to issues of innovation, science and modern technologies, which catches the eye with animations, video clips,and infographics.

3. BufferApp Blog

BufferApp is not only a convenient application that allows you to optimize the placement of posts on social networks but also a fairly good example of simple and effective content marketing platform. Though the company’s blog does not impress with extraordinary design; their posts are very engaging and informative.

Take, for example, the blogpost “Infographic: The optimal length for every social media update and more” from October 21. In less than a day, the article has been reposted on social networks more than 2,300 times. Not many popular platforms can boast about such popularity of their materials.

4. Hubspot


Hubspot, which offers integrated marketing software, has become a provider of useful content for users since its establishment. Today, the blog Hubspot has more than 300 thousand subscribers and more than 1 million followers on social networks.

The secret of the success of the company is that they create content that answers the most common questions of users of Hubspot products. The Hubspot staff rely on qualified support of target audience, the same way, legit college essay writing service rely on professionalism of their primary employees – writers. Their strong content marketing strategy strengthens the company’s position as the leader of opinions in the field of marketing software.

5. Intel IQ

A distinctive feature of the platform are articles, which tell about ordinary people and their experience of interaction with modern technologies. Intel IQ is very popular among consumers thanks to an intuitive interface and a special approach to writing articles, which creates the effect of full immersion in the process of interaction with technology.

6. Salesforce

The strong point of Salesforce is that, on the one hand, their posts are useful for readers, on the other – they are optimized for search engines. It should be taken into account that the company produces software to ensure and optimize sales, and competes in one of the most competitive segments where such keywords as “marketing,” “customer service,” “sales,” “CRM-systems” are presented.

7. Content Loop by CapGemini

CapGemini is a company that has more than 40 years of experience in management consulting and information technology, which also excels in content marketing. The main advantage of their marketing strategy is the feedback mechanism. On their LinkedIn account, CapGemini places high-quality, licensed articles from well-known editions, which redirect users to CapGemini’s hub. Then users are offered to subscribe to company’s updates on Linkedin, read other articles on the relevant topics, or directly contact the company’s consultant.

8. Red Bulletin

The interface of the platform, layout, and quality of visual materials – the Red Bulletin by Red Bull took care of every single feature. And what is most important – they can tell exciting stories. Red Bull – one of the brightest examples of modern business campaigns, where brand and associated content, are as significant as product itself.

9. P&G Everyday

The Procter & Gamble company know their target audience,and their blog is a vivid confirmation of this. Their posts are designed for busy women who, besides work and household chores, also care about children. Two-minute blog overview is enough to understand what problems published articles help to solve.

10. Airbnb City Guides

It is a widely-known b2b marketing platform for posting ads on leasing, searching and short-term housing rentals around the world. The posts published on AirBnB City Guides directly corresponds to product they offer. Looking for accommodation in Paris? Great, then read about the popular areas of city and what you can find there.