Marketing Thought Leaders To Follow On Twitter

Marketing continues to change before our eyes as more early adopters shift to an inbound marketing approach. Today’s marketers face a variety of challenges such as limited resources, tight budgets and difficult in proving return on investment. As the modern marketing department continues to evolve, how can you keep up with the latest trends? One way is to follow marketing thought leaders on social networks like Twitter.

Here are a handful of prominent marketers that you can follow directly or put in a Twitter list to stay ahead of the curve on industry trends.

Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki)

Twitter followers: 1,292,488

Klout Score: 88

Author and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki has established himself as one of the influential voices of Silicon Valley. He worked at Apple back in the 1980s and helped market the Macintosh computer to software and hardware developers. He later co-founded Alltop, which aggregates news stories from across the web in topics ranging from photography to politics.

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Seth Godin (@thisissethsblog)

Twitter followers: 263,228

Klout Score: 75

Seth Godin is an author, entrepreneur and public speaker who has been a thought leader in concepts like permission marketing (as opposed to that interruption marketing that everyone dreads). He’s a prolific blogger and has written 14 best-selling books. Godin has founded numerous companies, including Squidoo, an open platform that allows you to create and share webpages about your interests.

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Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)

Twitter followers: 76,256

Klout Score: 69

Simon Sinek espouses a business philosophy known as the “Golden Circle” that has resonated here at Relevance. Sinek encourages people to “start with why” in explaining the purpose or cause of a business; he argues that great companies are able to inspire customers and set themselves apart by clearly articulating their why.

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Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Twitter followers: 75,938

Klout Score: 81

Content strategist Jay Baer has made a name for himself as an author and public speaker. He has consulted for many enterprise companies, including 29 of the Fortune 500. His Bloomington, Indiana company Convince and Convert runs one of the top marketing blogs around.

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Kyle Lacy (@kyleplacy)

Twitter followers: 30,469

Klout Score: 72

Kyle Lacy is an author and strategist known for his books Twitter Marketing for Dummies and Branding Yourself. He serves as the Senior Manager for Content Marketing and Research at ExactTarget in Indianapolis. Lacy’s blog involves creative approaches to data and digital marketing.

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So now that you’ve seen this short list of some marketing thought leaders, who are some other marketing innovators that you like to follow on Twitter? Or what other ways do you keep up with marketing trends online? We’d love to hear your thoughts.