Looking for Ways of Boosting Your YouTube Subscribers? Try These Time – Tested Tips

Do you have a YouTube channel? It can be very exciting to get those subscriptions, shares, and likes you get for your content but when they are coming in a trickle, you wonder what to do to make them come in a gush. The only way to achieve it is to get more people to watch and subscribe to your videos. Easily said than done? Yes, but you can gain more subscribers by following certain strategies and implementing them.

It is easy for an insipid and uninspiring content to get lost among the hundreds of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute.

To be more precise, over 500 hours of video gets uploaded every minute on YouTube.

If you really want to stand apart, you must do things differently and also must be seen doing things differently by the YouTube audience.

There is a lot of noise and clutter on YouTube. To become more visible, you need to break through the clutter. Once you are able to gain the attention of your audience and keep delivering unique content consistently, you will see a steady increase in the number of subscribers to your channel.

With over two billion logged-in monthly users, the potential for visibility of your content is incredibly huge.

It is important to note that not everyone with a YouTube channel to their name follows a well-planned strategy to gain eyeballs. Most of them are happy by just seeing their name and content online. This means there is an opportunity to make an impact on those who are willing to put in their time and efforts and want to rise above the crowd.

So the first step is to create a strategy to improve the number of subscribers and be part of that limited group experiencing huge success with their YouTube content. However, creating a strategy to add numbers is not an easy task. This post will help you identify the top media marketing strategies that can help you become a successful YouTuber.

1. Zero In On a Resounding Theme

Don’t tell me that you have not thought of a theme on which your YouTube channel will be based. That’s the core norm of every successful YouTuber. You can’t expect to develop a fan-following if you create videos on random themes and ideas and post them online. There has to be a sharp focus on a specific subject.

Remember, an average YouTube visitor spends 11 minutes 24 seconds on the site per day. You should aim to grab a few minutes of that time for your video.

Don’t believe this is true? Take a look at the top-rated YouTube channels and you will find that they stick to a specific idea or theme in all the videos. It is a proven way of creating a niche for your videos so that it stands apart from the crowd. It will not only help you direct your efforts and energies on one point or idea but will also make it easy to garner more followers as they will have a single go-to resource for the kind of content they are looking for.

2. Your Content Must Be Incredibly Unique And Powerful

Did you know that videos are overwhelmingly preferred over other forms of content? Your content must not only be meaningful and relevant but also powerful and engaging. Get this right and you can be sure of driving more traffic and boosting your list of subscribers.

People will sign up without hesitation if they are impressed by what you have offered and trust you to deliver more on similar lines. The first impression and the initial reaction must be hugely positive. That will set the pace for a vibrant future of your YouTube channel.

[bctt tweet=”When your visitors believe that they are getting content of great value from your videos, they will not think twice before subscribing to your channel.” username=”relevance”]

So how do you create content that offers value?

To create valuable and relevant content, you must first know the likes and desires of your audience. Only then can you create content that will resonate with them. If you have already decided on a theme for your channel, creating good value content will be easy. Google Keyword tool is a proven way of discovering some wonderful content ideas.

It is apparent that for attracting new subscribers consistently, you must be consistent in posting content without compromising on the quality factor. The more videos you post, the better are the chances of attracting more traffic and boosting the number of subscribers.

The trick is to create a niche and post video content relevant to that niche as much as possible. Every new posting must offer your visitors something of value. As you niche down, the level of searches is only going to take one direction and that’s northwards. As you continue to do that, there are a few things you must remain focused on.

The quality of your video must be impeccable and the content must provide something of value. As long as they keep providing valuable information, you need not worry about subscriptions.

3. The Magic Word is CONSISTENCY


You must post great videos with highly engaging content but you must do it on a regular basis. That’s not easy but there are no shortcuts to success on YouTube. Posting content consistently will keep you on the radar and when you do it your efforts will come to the notice of your targeted audience. They are more likely to subscribe to your channel when they find that there is a regular and steady flow of quality content.

Here are a few things that you must take care of:

  • Create a schedule and follow it steadfastly
  • Determine the frequency with which you can post (The gap must be not big)
  • Keep an eye on what the competitors are doing and go one-up on them

Draw up a schedule that you can keep pace with.

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When your viewers discover that you deliver fresh content at the scheduled time regularly, it helps create a trust factor. When that happens, more than half the battle is won.

4. Create Timeless Videos

When you create visual content, they must be relevant to your audience when they view it now or a few years down the lane. To create such videos your topics must be timeless. If that’s not always possible, focus on content that can help viewers find solutions to specific problems.

[bctt tweet=”Did you know that ‘How To’ videos are among the most-watched and searched content on YouTube?” username=”relevance”]

Most of these ‘how-to’ videos are timeless and offer great value even after a few years. However, it is also a competitive niche so you must find ways of drawing attention to your videos and get viewers to click on them. To achieve this the focus must be on creating high-quality videos, an enticing headline, and appealing description. The Meta tag must also include the keywords for bettering the chances of engagement.

When it comes to creating thumbnail/images of your content, there are few things to keep in mind.

  • Show a clear image of what the video depicts – if it’s about cars, show a clear image of a car to draw the attention of the relevant audience
  • Edit the thumbnail to include some text as well
  • There are software systems that allow you to edit thumbnails and customize them. Find out which one is the best and use them

You can also use your own creative instincts to play around with the presentation of these videos and ensure that they get the kind of attention and engagement you are looking for.

70% more YouTube users prefer engaging with creators and channels.

5. Optimize For SEO

YouTube SEO is a crucial factor in increasing the viewership of your videos and increasing the chances of boosting subscriptions. To optimize videos, these are the steps you must follow:

  • Your video title must be optimized for keywords. They do help boost viewership and hence the potential of attracting more subscribers.
  • The titles must be created to maximize CTR. It is important to note that YouTube makes use of click-through rate as a ranking tool. The more people click on the videos, the more it will be promoted. At the same time, steer clear of cheap tricks like click-bait.
  • Use keyword-rich video descriptions that are SEO-friendly. Long descriptions are recommended by experts to garner the right level of audience attraction.
  • Optimize your video tags. These are a must-have for boosting SEO. Use about two to three tags that include your targeted keywords. It is a good idea to add tags that represent your industry or vertical for greater resonance among potential viewers.

6. Build an Optimized Playlist And Promote Them Vigorously

Playlists offer an excellent way of getting more views and subscribers but somehow they remain underrated. This despite the fact that a well-prepared playlist can increase session time significantly.

Session time implies the amount of time spent by an individual on YouTube after they start watching your video. It is an important element in the ranking factor that YouTube takes very seriously.

When visitors to your channel watch anything on the YouTube platform after watching your content, it also helps your channel get a major boost. That’s because by ensuring a delayed exit from the YouTube platform, you are actually helping YouTube increase viewership. This is where playlists have to play a key role.

Your playlist must be optimized to automatically lead the user to another video after they have finished viewing one. A curated playlist can help you achieve this rather effortlessly.

There are a few other things that can be done to boost views and improve the chances of getting more subscribers on board. You can promote your YouTube channel on other social media accounts to let people know about your videos. Use the right keywords and hashtags to draw the crowd in. It is also a great idea to embed your YouTube videos on your website or blogs if you have any. Your loyal followers will undoubtedly click on those links and arrive on your YouTube channel. If your videos are good enough for them, you will get their subscriptions as well.

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