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Local SEO: How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search

Date published: October 01, 2020
Last updated: October 1, 2020

Shopping local has gained nationwide popularity among the wildfire of modern corporation criticisms. To herd these eco-conscious and community-oriented shoppers in the direction of your business, you’ll need to invest in your local SEO strategy.

Every day, consumers look for local businesses that fulfill their shopping needs and appeal to their desire for ethically-sourced goods. As your mom-and-pop shop strives to boost profits, you’ll need to reassess your local SEO strategy. Neglecting this facet of your SEO strategy could lead to financial difficulties or even business closures.

In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, nearly everyone relies on the Internet to get their shopping done. To respond to this spike in online shopping appropriately,  local business owners need to increase their online visibility if they want to remain competitive, gain profitability, and develop their brand. Companies that optimize their website for local organic searches increase their chances of being discovered online by aimless potential customers.

To increase your conversion rate, you’ll need to understand why local SEO matters. For those business owners on the fence about funneling time and resources into their local SEO strategy, you should consider taking a second look at its benefits.

Critical factors in local SEO

Proximity, relevance, and prominence are vital for a high local SEO rank. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you don’t have a lot of control over your business’ proximity unless you can open more stores in your customers’ locations. Small businesses without a physical location should strive to maintain sustainable growth, expand their service area, and gather current information on their G.M.B. listing.

Extending your organic reach and improving your brand’s reputation is key to a company’s growth. To accomplish these goals, improving your local SEO is critical. When developing your local SEO strategy, note that your services and products’ quality and popularity will determine your business’s relevance. Those business owners hoping to become leaders in their industry should always be on the lookout for backlink opportunities to local and industry publications and other companies that provide complimentary services and products.

When refining your local SEO strategy, it’s similarly vital to partner with an SEO company like Searchbloom.

For example, these analysts will help you collect inbound links that can better establish your authority by letting search engines know that you’re running a credible business worth linking to. Technology plays a massive role in local SEO, as it ensures that you have a superior website with swift load times, high user data security, and mobile device responsiveness.

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What to prioritize for local SEO

Local SEO is a fundamental aspect of improving sales and forming customer connections. Unfortunately, it lies beyond the scope of many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are certain areas you can focus on to boost your local SEO ranking.


Generating creative, engaging, and useful content that consumers would enjoy and share will increase your brand recognition. You can develop a strategy to write and upload articles discussing your products and services with embedded local keywords. These keywords will drive traffic to your website and improve your chances of securing a sale. Through content marketing efforts, you can score natural backlinks, which will eventually translate to more traffic.

Social media

Posting regularly on social media platforms can spark traffic-boosting conversations, help businesses acquire new customers, and improve overall brand awareness. Therefore, in the interest of increasing your local SEO ranking, you should generate relevant video, written, or photo content. Despite popular misconceptions, focusing on quality over quantity will yield better results.

Having an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ plays a pivotal role in search engine optimization. When you engage your audience, more people talk about your business. When potential and current customers discuss your products and services online, your social media profiles will start to pop up when consumers search for your business.

Generally speaking, a customer will usually conduct online research before they purchase a product or service. If your followers actively engage with your posts on social media, you may rank higher in the local search results, leading to more online and offline sales. Social media is also an excellent tool to nurture relationships with existing customers while winning over new clients.

On-page SEO

If you want to achieve desirable local SEO results, don’t underestimate the power of on-page SEO. Ensure that you optimize your alt text, titles, and descriptions to match the local search intent with queries. Besides optimization, make sure you research and find keywords used by local consumers to locate products and businesses. Additionally, tailor-make your keywords to match the location to increase a consumer’s likelihood of finding your website.

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Why mobile is key to local SEO

Considering that many people use mobile devices to perform online searches, focusing on local search optimization won’t suffice.  You’ll also need to optimize for mobile viewing.  Most of the customers that belong to your target market own a mobile device, so it’s in your best interest to dedicate a considerable chunk of your local SEO budget to mobile optimization.

Although people still use desktop computers at home, the whopping majority of working professionals spend most of their day away from their home computers. To stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and potential clients, they carry smartphones or tablets wherever they go. Therefore, if someone wants to find a service or product, they’ll likely use their mobile devices to perform the online search and find relevant businesses.


Through local SEO, you can lower your marketing expenses and dominate organic searches. If done correctly, it can help your business thrive in the industry and outrank your competitors.

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