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Optimizing Organic Growth: Methods, Merits, And Management

Date published: October 23, 2019
Last updated: October 23, 2019

Here I’m going to make the case for a focus on optimizing organic growth traffic to generate the leads of faithful or repeat visitors that have genuine interest in your platform and content.

Many reasons exist as to why this strategy should be added to any content marketing strategy, and by the end of this article you will have leveled up your ethical, organic marketing skills and wisdom.

Author’s Note: At the bottom of the article, we’ll also go over some great strategies to increase organic traffic and improve the loyalty of existing traffic that you probably would not have thought of.

There are a number of strengths that organic traffic possesses which other kinds of paid traffic do not.

Templates for different growth strategies for your business can include paid media, shared media, owned media, and earned media. Optimizing organic traffic is one part owned and one part earned.

  • Owned traffic is growth you’ve earned with your hustle, energy and effort, and consists of things like a well-developed SEO content marketing strategy or keyword ranking, as well as personal brand outreach and development like email marketing or in-store promotions.
  • Earned traffic comes from things like getting the word of your content out onto the plates of influencers, authorities in a domain, review sites, blogs and other media outlets.

Where does organic growth and traffic fit in the marketing picture?

The strategies for growing the interest in your platform, content, physical store address, or blog, are in theory numberless. As there are now 7,400 possible platforms, apps, and tools available to the content marketer, segmentation of growth strategies are endless.

There is one that is evergreen however, as it represents the world’s oldest content marketing strategy, and maybe even the world’s oldest profession (no, not prostitution). It involves capturing loyal, returning, organic customers or visitors and building a relationship with them like the vendors at the community farmers market would do.

Optimization of organic growth is a concept dating to the earliest forms of content marketing.

PICTURED: It is in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Uruk, reckoned to be the second-ever city in the world, where pottery was likely developed en mass. Some artifacts still carry the ancient potter’s “maker’s mark,” stamped onto the wet clay with a cylindrical seal bearing his name – the world’s first form of branding.

While we’re on the subject of historical content marketing anecdotes…

Did you know?

The Canadian rock band Rush famously produced 2112, an album with a twenty-one minute single in an era where radio singles were limited to around 4 minutes in length. They were determined not to let record companies infringe on their creativity, and it is generally considered that the album’s incredible success, since it wasn’t played on the radio, was due to loyal fans organically telling people about it.

The last part in this series we’ll go over some unique and exciting ways you can enhance your organic growth strategy by making sure your customers feel they are entering an ethical business or platform.

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Just quickly, I want to lay out some easy things you can do to increase organic traffic before I explain why the case for the oldest content marketing strategy is so strong.

  • Put continuous, unerring effort into making your product and processes as memorable, factually correct, and high-quality as possible.
  • Be honest and explanatory in every interaction you have with your customers, viewers, readers etc.
  • And lastly stress in all things that what you’re offering is valuable and not just some useless data taking up space on the internet.

I’ll be making an operational, moral, and financial case for organic traffic since I’ve already made a historical one, though not so much as to say other forms of traffic aren’t worth chasing – as they most certainly are in some circumstances, and for certain reasons.

An Operational Case For Maximizing Organic Traffic

“What could be better for operational capacity than steady, expected, daily traffic which doesn’t have to be found, herded, or paid for?”

Yes, depending on the success you have in attracting good quality organic traffic to your website, platform, or physical address of business the less pressure on your marketing, writing, or content teams to succeed.

If you have a physical address, the cost of doing business is often higher than simple e-commerce sites, and so having a revenue source you can count on is all the more important.

In the world of digital or content marketing, few things are certain, therefore having something that is can change your situation, and shift pressure away from certain departments, campaigns, or individuals.

PICTURED: Squarespace analytics of a typical website’s traffic, where the lightest shade of grey represents organic, owned, returning traffic and the darker shades are shared, paid, and earned traffic.

Organic traffic gives you wiggle room

In order to give yourself or your employees the niceties afforded at other offices – such as sick days, paid or unpaid leave, having organic traffic which you can expect to be there can make up for that lost time.

New projects, for instance the launching of a new platform, the expansion into a new social media domain, the implementation of new software, or the launch of new marketing campaigns can be carried out slowly, methodically, and thoroughly – without the need to rush through them if you have that background traffic source which you can rely on.

Finally organic, returning traffic that values your content or products represents the perfect sample study for any new products, processes, or services you want to roll out.

Including them in a free trial, sample, giveaway or other promotional event will help increase their loyalty and make them feel they are respected and appreciated while also providing you with good quality and actionable data on any new products you launch.

Thus we have a case for the benefit of operational capacity and possibilities by optimizing organic traffic.

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A Financial Case For Maximizing Organic Traffic

As mentioned above, steady financial input is something that doesn’t just improve the earnings column in your taxes, it allows for the wiggle room which is responsible for almost all innovation in business.

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Maximizing organic traffic and growth in 2019 is vital for a team to be able to make appropriate estimations and guesses on what kind of changes and innovations you should or could or would be making.

Exploring the avenues into which a run at optimizing organic traffic would benefit you can be really important for tapping into unorthodox forms of income.

Here are some unique ways organic traffic boosts your ROI

  1. If you’re a non-profit, organic traffic is going to represent the kind of people who make donations and recurring donations on Patreon or PayPal.Such funds are not going to come through people who read one article which shows up as an ad on their Facebook wall or Google search. If you plan to monetize a project in part through donations, organic traffic is a must.
  2. One of the most overlooked and hardest to track forms of traffic are the clicks and purchases that come from personal, word-of-mouth recommendations between friends. Remember our example with Rush and 2112 from earlier?And if you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize the only time one does this is when it’s a product one truly believes in or appreciates.
  3. Organic, returning traffic is the only kind of traffic which can consistently work as 4th party marketing nodes out on the market landscape, distributing information about products, services, offers, or content to other people with whom they have a personal relationship with.

This is perfectly summed up with the enthusiasm found within the sub-Reddit  /r/buyitforlife, a forum of people sharing their favorite brands and products which are both indestructible and always reliable.

PICTURED: A typical post in /r/buyitforlife where this poster has literally bought this chair based on free-exchanges of information between like-minded consumers. These are traffic sources that are valuable, free, and almost impossible to track.

A Moral Case For Optimizing Organic Traffic

James Otteson, author of Honorable Business: A Framework for Business in a Just and Honorable Society, outlines that all the wealth in the world has been at some point, extracted out of nothing through one of two ways.

  1. The 1st is through what is sometimes called a non-beneficial transaction, also sometimes called extraction. This would be something along the lines of robbery or taxation – a kind of transaction that isn’t mutually beneficial or agreed upon.
  2. Markets, says Otteson, are made stronger by repeat action of the 2nd way value is generated; a mutually-beneficial transaction, in other words, capitalistic acts conducted by consenting adults who both stand to improve the overall value in their possession.

PICTURED: Author James Otteson, speaking at Notre Dame.

Optimizing organic traffic isn’t just good for ROI, it’s the right thing to do

[bctt tweet="Businesses perform best in an environment where people have as much incentive and capacity for mutually-beneficial transactions as possible." username="relevance"]

Even in the situation where no monies are being exchanged, as is often the case with online enterprises, services and goods of non-descript value actually are, in fact, being exchanged.

Take for example the journalist.

What the loyal reader might acquire for free by reading his column in The Atlantic allows the journalist to make money through his employer.

Furthermore, of what intellectual value is that freely-offered property (the column) to the reader?

Since being properly informed on current events these days is tantamount to a skill set, there actually is a fair bit of value going from writer to reader, even though no monetary value is being exchanged.

This is a favorable exchange for the reader, and so it becomes easier for him to become part of your organic traffic – which is best achieved in a favorable environment for business – i.e. a climate where those visiting your platform are incentivized to make a mutually-beneficial transaction that leaves them feeling positive about taking the action.

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What a marketer ought to do: Methods of Growth

It is precisely creating this environment on your platform that allows for the maximal acquisition of organic returning traffic. Holding a standard of business ethics and morals towards those visiting your platform or physical address will give you the best chance of enticing them into return again or tell their friends about you.

Paid or low-quality traffic has no reason to get to know your platform as an ethical business practice or source, and so exists as an unlikely target for many useful advertising, monetizing, or growth strategies.

Here is the first creative and unexpected way you can make certain these values are imparted onto your visitors.

Be an identifiable person

  • Pick an individual from your team, or yourself if you operate the entirety of the business alone, and begin to use pictures of their (your) face across your platform for different purposes.
  • If you have a newsletter or send out marketing emails, put a professional headshot as a lead in, with actual words that person has said.
  • Have a section on each page of your website with the selected headshot, and a word for word explanation, welcome, or other kind of dialogue next to it from that person.
  • Include a regularly-checked email or phone number for visitors to reach out to. Whether they do or not, you’ll always be able to maintain a strong semblance of personability with your visitors.

This way, an actual business person is guiding the visitor through the website experience, setting precedence for honorable conduct to come, and making such they feel they are interacting with an ethical business platform.

Neil Patel’s blog is a shining example of this practice. His big ears and jolly face are everywhere you look, and it reminds you there’s an actual person out there.

In the establishing of a solid, morally positive source of organic traffic, one can reap all the benefits listed in the previous chapters, while also maintaining that part of you which is grounded in the desire to treat people with dignity and justice while conducting business in as honorable a way one can while pursuing the goals of amassing value and capital.

Create an ethics or mission statement page; make it easily visible

Here is the second method that can help your audience organically grow by practicing honorable business.

  • Create a stand-alone page on the ethics and values you promote through your blog, business, platform, or brick and mortar store. Make sure it’s one of the primary pages in your navigation menu or bar.
  • Create a call to action on your home page with the label “Our Values” or “Read the Mission Statement”. Don’t be afraid to create a moral code as a way of driving organic traffic.
  • Create specific referral links to products, articles, or services FROM your values or mission statement page. This provides a dual purpose of helping those reading about your goals along to becoming converting leads, as well as letting you know how many people are inspired by your values into taking an action, and how many people would take them regardless.

Strive for perfection

If you aren’t set up for success, you won’t be in a position to capitalize on any strokes of good luck which come your way.

We walked about rocks bands earlier, well there’s a saying amongst rock and roll musicians that’s something to the effect of “You’re here to put on a show, whether for 10 people or 10,000 people.” Some other ways I’ve heard that are…

  • Perform for the bartender and you’ll never be disappointed by a small crowd.
  • Always pretend there’s a record executive at the bar that night.
  • Perform the same way no matter the size of the crowd.

Simply put, if a person organically stumbles upon your website, and you haven’t been making an absolutely effort into providing quality products, services, or articles, then you’ve lost the chance at earning some organic traffic.

  • Whenever you write an article on anything, write this on a post it note next to your computer and make sure you believe it: “When this is finished, it will change at least 1 person’s life”.
  • Put every effort into making sure your content is of the highest quality. One of the ways you can do this is by constantly asking for feedback.

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Know where the best places to attract organic traffic are

One more quick method for maximizing organic growth and traffic is to understand where high-quality traffic is most likely going to be spending their time on the internet.

  • Find high-quality blogs and publications that place equal value in content quality and ethics within your field or domain.
  • Try and publish articles off-platform, meaning on these high-quality blogs, to lend your own site more credibility and traffic.
  • Avoid using the social media platforms, or spaces within those platforms, frequented by poor-quality traffic or saturated by people who are more interested in conflict, low-engagement content like gifs and memes, and poor-quality shopping experiences.

In conclusion

Now you know and have a good grasp on what is required to make an excellent effort at increasing organic traffic.

Remember the moral, financial, and operational capacities for optimizing organic traffic, and build a solid predictable and reliable base to build your platform or business on.

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