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INTRODUCTION:  Andy Crestodina is a globally recognized marketing expert, author, entrepreneur, and adjunct professor. He is the co-founder and Strategic Director of Orbit Media, an award winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. Over the…
Winning the Content Marketing Race: An Interview with Andy Crestodina
  • 6K
  • 10/29
  • Team Relevance
Think about the photos you see on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Visual content has taken the lead on digital and non-digital marketing platforms. Every photo we watch has a message for…
  • 148
  • 10/19
  • Ashley Rosa
We got a new way to shop. There’s no more combing through racks or wandering the mall looking for the best deal. Our nostalgia for it might still be there. But then, nowadays, you can…
The Future of E-commerce: Content is King
Whether you’re going to learn about trends in the industry, network with peers, renew your professional energy, or all of the above, conferences are a great way to stay in tune in the marketing world.These…
5 Lessons I Learnt About Content Marketing For B2B Software
  • 439
  • 10/10
  • Jeanine Gordon
In an increasingly buyer driven environment where prospects navigate  a large part of the sales funnel on their own, it is pretty obvious why using content engagement to ingratiate and promote one’s brand is no…
On the “Business” of Content Marketing
  • 522
  • 09/17
  • Neema Kapoor
Marketing experts love their numbers, charts, and graphs. They use them extensively to support their campaign decisions and to guide their marketing teams to deliver the best possible content pieces for a brand’s online existence.…
How to Combine Data-Driven and Audience-Focused Content Strategies for Optimum Results
  • 157
  • 09/12
  • Nate Vickery
Making an ebook successfully can be a hugely satisfying process, but the task is by no means easy. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming. There are multiple steps involved such as writing the content,…
How to Create an EBook from Start to Finish
  • 590
  • 09/10
  • Team Relevance
Here is your mantra forever: every piece of content you write and publish is a part of your marketing. This goes for your blog, your social media posts, and, yes, your product descriptions. Think about…
How Important are Your Product Descriptions to Your Content Marketing?
  • 142
  • 08/23
  • Daniela McVicke
Introduction First off, let me introduce myself. My name’s Benjamin Yee. I’m the CEO of EMERGE App, a cloud-based inventory management solution. I founded this company back in 2016 and we now have well over…
5 Lessons I Learnt About Content Marketing For B2B Software
Content Marketing World, the world’s largest and most recognizable content marketing conference, is just around the corner and to say that there’s a lot to be excited about would be an understatement. Comedy legend Tina…
5 Lessons I Learnt About Content Marketing For B2B Software
  • 265
  • 08/16
  • Genevieve Dietz
Brainstorm, map out a plan, create, polish. These are the necessary steps to consider before publishing. As a content writer, you must make sure you include all these steps into your routine. If you miss…
9 Important Points to Check Before Content Publishing
  • 243
  • 08/16
  • Susan Saurel
ENOUGH has been said about the importance of content marketing.  Every marketer of this generation gets how critical it is to pander to their customer’s whims and not their own (product or service) vanities. They…
I Get It. Content Marketing Rules. Just Tell Me Where To Start
  • 155
  • 08/14
  • Neema Kapoor
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