Email Marketing

Modern day marketing is dependent heavily on sending the correct message to the correct audience at the right time. In case of email marketing, a timely triggered email not only notifies the customer about the…
3 Ways to Use Email Signatures for Content Promotion
  • 305
  • 12/27
  • Katie
Marketing automation is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved in creating campaigns! After all, when the redundant stuff is taken care of by software, you have the time to think about creative ways to engage…
How Companies Use Email Marketing Automation to Increase Engagement
  • 260
  • 12/20
  • Anita Alvarez
Do You Use Email Marketing? Read This Before You Send Your Next Email As an email user, you probably get hundreds of emails every day.  How many of them make you react like the lady…
Email Marketing Subject Lines – Why They Can Make or Break Your Email Marketing Campaign (And What to Do About It)
PPC is the fastest and most effective way to bring potential traffic to your website, but email marketing is the most effective way to nurture PPC leads. 80% of leads generated through PPC are not…
7 Obvious Things Marketers Forget About When Creating an Email Message
  • 371
  • 12/19
  • Chris Donald
You invest your time to create a beautiful email campaign and hit the send button. Hope for the best. But when you check your stats… Crickets. No one opened and read your emails. You think,…
How to Make Subscribers to Open, Click, and Read Your Emails
  • 287
  • 12/05
  • Pawan Kumar
In today’s omnichannel, multiple-device-driven world, combining marketing strategies offers businesses a way to increase return-on-investment (ROI) by leveraging the positives of each channel to offset inconsistencies. Tightening your focus on your audience’s wants and needs…
How to Combine Email and Content Marketing for Increased Success
  • 820
  • 11/21
  • Jericho Gonzales
Many of us relate to a commercial which might have aired years ago because it was a story that we felt we were a part of. It is a fact that when a person listens…
How to Use the Art of Storytelling In Email Marketing
  • 180
  • 10/04
  • Pawan Kumar
Writing follow-up correspondence is a tricky thing to do on a daily basis. For one, you always have to know who you are talking to and what the topic of the conversation is. It can…
Common Email Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Follow-Up
  • 216
  • 08/27
  • Kristin Savage
According to the latest estimates 205 billion emails are sent daily. Most of them are either business-related, some type of promotions or advertising. The number might seem surprising to some but if you think about,…
7 Obvious Things Marketers Forget About When Creating an Email Message
Influencer marketing is very effective at providing you sales ROI, up to 11% higher than traditional marketing, says TapInfluence. It will most likely provide much higher ROI if it’s a small company. The above TapInfluence…
7 Obvious Things Marketers Forget About When Creating an Email Message
  • 167
  • 08/17
  • Ana Farr
Using email to market a live event is a smart idea. According to studies, email marketing is still extremely effective, even when used to target Millennials. Are you promoting an event? If so, you should…
How to Take Advantage of Email for Occasion Marketing
  • 67
  • 07/02
  • Rae Steinbach
Email marketing comes with a world of potential. It’s inexpensive, easy to segment and instantly reaches hundreds, if not tens of thousands of individuals with just a few clicks. Store owners have been using email…
E-Commerce Email Marketing Design Tips To Increase Sales
  • 188
  • 06/29
  • Mike Giannulis
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