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The Future of Content and How Being Relevant Matters Most

Date published: November 20, 2020
Last updated: November 20, 2020

Just about every brand knows it needs relevant content. But with millions of blogs and even more social media pages out there, standing out is no easy task.

Make relevance your watchword. As content marketing evolves, how well you relate to your customers will dictate whether you stick around or become irrelevant.

Keeping it Relevant for 2021

Put simply, your content needs to keep up. Maintaining your relevance now and into the future means:

1. Personalizing Content

There’s nothing new under the sun. Any blog post you make will have been replicated dozens of times before. To really hit home, you have to get personal.

Instead of writing a blog post about the best ways to get new customers, give it some personal flair. A title like “How I Doubled My Client Base In Only a Month” attracts a lot more attention because the title leads you to believe there are stories to be told and experiences to be shared. Your personal experiences are more relevant to your readers than any tired, generalized advice.

2. Crowning Video King

Writing is well and good, but the true king of content is video. Years after killing the radio star, video remains captivating and versatile. There’s a reason you see more of it online than any other content format.

Videos have higher engagement rates, and when produced correctly can reel in customers more effectively than text or images. Platforms like TikTok and Snapchat have stayed relevant in part because they’ve made social media all about short, engaging videos.

3. Targeting Niche Groups

Social media has made targeting niche groups not just possible but easy. Everyone gravitates toward like-minded individuals. Travelers, bikers, and remote workers are all considered niche groups, and their branches keep getting smaller and more specific.

The future of content is all about being relevant to the right branches. While a backpack company can market to students, hikers, and commuters, it can get even more attention by forming a fan community. Speaking to the most engaged users pays off through positive word of mouth. 

4. Playing the Algorithm

Today’s content lives and dies by its performance in search. Poorly optimized content gets pushed down in search results, meaning it doesn’t get viewed by as many people. 

For your brand to remain relevant, it needs to play the algorithm. Learn what makes social media sites and search engines tick. Consider hiring an SEO specialist to give you a leg up. By following linking and keyword best practices, you can maximize your reach and increase your relevance.

Realize, too, that keywords and links aren’t the only piece of the SEO puzzle. Responding to comments, getting mentioned by influencers, and keeping your own site up to date are key. 

5. Starting Your Own Trends

Most companies jump on trends after they’ve already grown popular, flooding the space with copycat content. The trouble is, copycats tend to be tuned out. 

You’ve likely become familiar with this during Covid-19. It’s gotten to the point that before an advertisement even begins playing, you know it’ll mention the pandemic. For even the most concerned audiences, the trend has gotten old.

In 2021, businesses need to start their own trends. Be daring with your content. Look for ways to be unique, genuine, and consistent. By starting your own trends, your marketing will gain traction and stay relevant longer.

6. Becoming Purpose-Driven

Consumers care just as much about what causes companies support as their products. Brands that care about nothing beyond their bottom line will see customers switch sides or even boycott them. 

Produce content with a purpose. Share your company’s vision and values with your customers. Think carefully about what you want to say, and deliver that message authentically. Genuine and helpful brands are relevant brands. 

The future of content will continue to evolve. What matters today is that you make an effort to stay relevant. The next best thing to a crystal ball is a strategic plan.

Image credit: Pexels

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