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Top 10 Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools And Websites

Date published: August 21, 2019
Last updated: August 21, 2019

A recent research has revealed that nearly 30% of pages that have been created have duplicate content.

It is frustrating news indeed for those producing original content.

Here is a familiar scenario.

You work relentlessly to create outstanding content after a great deal of research - only to learn someone was waiting for it to get traction so they could pounce on it to copy and paste it.

It is sickening to say the least.

And when the plagiarized version of your article pips your content in search ranking, the feeling is even more infuriating.

It is a pain when a scraper hampers your brand and makes a dent in your profits.

So how do you deal with copycats?

The good news is there are tricks and tools that you can make use of – and perhaps leverage plagiarism to your advantage as well.

Here are 10 approaches and online plagiarism checkers that I can think of.

Mind you, the first approach does not speak about a plagiarism check but tells you on how to leverage copied content to your advantage.

1. Google Webmaster Tools with WordPress plugin

Swamp your articles with internal linking.

It is a wonderful approach not only to boost your SEO, but also to enhance crawlability and help your website visitors navigate content.

This trick is a very effective approach to maximize ecommerce SEO.

But how does this help in addressing plagiarism?

Here is an explanation.

The plagiarist or the scraper, while copying your content, may not bother to remove hyperlinks.

This presents a glorious opportunity for you.

You will drive traffic to the linked pages from the plagiarized article.

2. Unicheck

Unicheck, with more than 1 million users across the globe, has been assisting bloggers, editors, and writers in checking for plagiarism.

This is cloudbased software that does not need to be downloaded.

Unicheck has algorithms that allow users to get rid of duplicate text in web pages.

With lightning speed, it crushes large pieces of text into small strings. Thereafter, these chunks are used to search for similarities by web indexing.

This tool is a secure private cloud, guaranteeing 99% system uptime.

With its bulk checking feature, this software promises users fast checks with real time reports even during peak times.

Unicheck offers various packages with flexible billing solutions to meet users’ unique requirements.

3. Plagramme

If you are looking for a free plagiarism checking software, Plagramme is the right one for you.

Yes, it has a free version.

It is not one of those pay-to-use software programs that provide comprehensive information only on payment.

Of the many online plagiarism checkers out there, this one is free and extensively used by universities, individuals, companies, and software professionals.

And, the good news is it does not have a word limit.

The way it works is straightforward.

You upload a text to Plagramme, and this software with its advanced algorithms scans billions of texts in its database and within a short time displays results with exhaustive evaluations.

There is, of course, a Premium advanced plagiarism checker that comes with a payment.

A notable feature of this Premium advanced plagiarism checker is it provides you with useful tips on your uploads from a panel of experts.

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4. Grammarly

Grammarly is all-inclusive software that not only checks text for plagiarism, but also checks grammar and spelling.

This platform claims that it can check in excess of 250 types of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Grammarly was released in 2009 as a proofreading tool but since then has evolved into a very dependable plagiarism checker as well.

Its benefits are all encompassing. You can get corrections on your emails, on writings of your projects, and on social media.

This tool has greatly helped content creators edit or modify their writing to make it original.

In addition to a free version, Grammarly also offers a Premium version with advanced grammar check, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary improvement suggestions.

5. DupliChecker

It is free software for plagiarism detection that has built for itself a reputation of getting the job done very efficiently.

As with other easy-to-use tools, all you need to do is copy and paste / or upload the content in the required field and the software does the rest.

An interesting feature of DupliChecker is it analyzes references in a particular text for proper citation, avoiding discomfiture for the writer.

The free version allows you to scan 50 texts in a day.

Here are a few other things that DupliChecker performs:

  • Builds and analyzes backlinks
  • Provides relevant keyword selections
  • Performs reverse image search
  • Delivers accurate statistics of your website performance

The tool is free of charge but you must sign up.

In case you do not want to register, you are allowed only one plagiarism check per day.

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6. Copyscape

Copyscape, launched in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies, is a popular service used by content owners to check plagiarism.

It offers a free service that searches for plagiarism online to identify theft.

However, Copyscape also offers a premium service, which is more powerful by having extra features such as batch search and inspecting offline content.

The Copyscape Premium service is offered as a variable pricing model based on content length.

Users also have an option to choose Copysentry (also not a free service) that provides ongoing protection by monitoring the internet for copies of their pages.

If plagiarism is found, users are informed by email.

Copyscape is very popular with webmasters and content owners.

7. Plagscan

Plagscan plagiarism detection software, launched in 2009, is now going great guns.

It is a fully online tool with no download needed.

With over 1500,000 single customers and ~ 1500 businesses, its growth has been exponential.

The reason for the popularity of this tool is not far to seek.

The tool has solutions for single users, educational institutions, businesses, and on-premises data processing centers.

Plagscan offers users an assortment of paid plans to choose from.

Using this online checkers is easy with just 4 steps.

  1. Register or sign up.
  2. Upload your document.
  3. Start the plagiarism scan.
  4. View report.

This tool offers 3 ways to check content.

  1. Upload text from your device and paste it in the appropriate field.
  2. Import text from the web by entering URL at the specified location.
  3. Upload text from cloud, for example, from Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive.

The report from this tool highlights all the matches between the uploaded texts and the web and the internal sources of this service.

Plagscan uses different-colored highlighting to exemplify plagiarism and citations.

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8. ZeroGPT

As Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants are racing to develop and improve AI technology, like Chat GPT, content creators are faced with a unique challenge. While AI content is remarkably fast, these tools basically scan existing content on the web and gather data based on the instructions provided by users. This means the content produced can only be as good as the instructions the tech receives and other sources available online. In the worst cases, material can come across as unoriginal, surface-level, and lacking personality. 

ZeroGPT is a ground breaking tool used to detect content created by AI. With a tested accuracy rate over 98%, it is the most advanced ChatGPT detector to date. And best of all, it’s free. While AI can enhance content writing and marketing campaigns in several ways, it’s best to know the source of any text you may use. People and search engines still prefer high quality content, regardless of its origin, and this tool can help content creators address any areas of concern.

9. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke, launched in 2002, has come a long way in building the trust of scores of content writers, professors, executives, and webmasters across the globe.

The software has the following features:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling check
  • Plagiarism check
  • Text translation for more than 50 languages
  • Complete integration with MS Word and Outlook
  • Compatible with all browsers

WhiteSmoke offers users 4 plans:

  • One as Chrome Extension for Chrome browser
  • One compatible with all browsers
  • Two compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10

Consumers can choose between yearly and 3-year billing plan. All the plans are available on a trial basis as well.

The WhiteSmoke Mobile App can be downloaded in Apple Store or in the Google Playstore depending on the users’ operating system.

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10. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a cloud-based plagiarism checker. It is available both as free and paid versions.

One outstanding feature of this tool is you can upload up to 100 files for scanning.

The free subscription allows you to check up to a limit of 2500 words total in a month.

Copyleaks promises to identify not just plagiarized text, but also content that has been paraphrased. They are able to achieve this via state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology.

This tool has a potpourri of paid plans for education (schools, students, and universities) and for professionals and businesses (publishers, SEO agencies, lawyers, and more).

All plans are available on a free trial basis.

A final word of advice

With so many online plagiarism checkers available, how do you find one that is best suited to you?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The software/checker must:

  • Provide feedback with text flagged as potential plagiarism.
  • Provide an automated feedback feature, which is even more desirable.
  • Not just check for plagiarism but also facilitate improvement in the content by providing tips even on paraphrasing issues.

Ideally, have a free version or a free trial for paid ones.

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