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Ultimate list of Tools for Visual Content Marketing

Date published: November 16, 2017
Last updated: November 16, 2017

This list of handy tools for better visual content marketing features tools that were picked for two reasons. Either the tool is exceptionally good and free, or the tool is a paid tool but also allows you to create visual content very quickly. There is a healthy mix of tools on this list that allow you to create a range of videos, images, and animated Gifs.

1. Blender

The best thing about Blender is that it is a very advanced and sophisticated piece of software, and yet it is free and open source. It takes a long time to learn how to use Blender, but it allows you to create your own images and computer animation. You may use it to edit videos, which also includes adding text, soundtracks, and computer-generated effects. It is far from the easiest-to-use video editor, but it is worth learning how to use it because you can achieve amazing things with this program.

2. PicMonkey

It is an easy-to-use photo editing program. You will have to pay for a subscription, which is a shame, but if you are looking to create collages, then PicMonkey is the one for you. Maybe you are looking for a quick way to create professional-looking collage images, and if you are, then this may be the program for you. It is also good for people who wish to make quick changes to their images, but it is not good for people who want lots of manual control over their image editing.

3. Imgur and Imgur Meme Generator

Most visual content creators and those in marketing will be well aware of Imgur, but what about the Meme Generator that comes with it? It may not be the most advanced meme generator on the Internet, but what it lacks in sophistication it makes up for in simplicity. You may upload your own background, or you may use one of the famous default meme images. The popular meme images are named in a way that prompts you as to what sort of meme people expect when you use them, such as the “Shut Up and Take My Money” meme background.

4. Instagiffer

This is a great but tragically underrated piece of software for two reasons. Firstly, it looks like a cheap piece of open-source software that was put together in the late 90s. Secondly, it has to be downloaded, and even after downloading, you are still stuck with what looks like very few options. However, do not confuse simplicity with unsophisticated. You can do just about any GIF trick or edit with Instagiffer, which includes split screens, flawless looping images, and reversing GIFs. It is a great piece of software if you get the chance to use it.

5. GoAnimate

It is an expensive piece of software, but it does make it very easy to create animated videos for presentations. Much of the hard work is done for you, and even though some creative ability is required on behalf of the person using the software, it is still very easy to create animated videos without any creative flair or training. As a result, many of the animations look very similar, which means that using them for ads is okay, but your videos are probably best used for business-to-business promotions and communications.

6. Meme Generator

The Meme Generator is probably one of the best looking tools, probably has the best looking website, and is one of the easiest meme-generating tools on the Internet. There are better tools that you may download, but if you are just looking to create a meme every now and again, then the Meme Generator is just for you because it is fast, efficient, and easy-to-use. And considering comedy is one of the best marketing strategies, this tool can take your visual content from entertaining to lead-generating.

7. Adobe PhotoShop

The Adobe PhotoShop system is a very expensive piece of software, but there is a reason why people keep using it and why the company continues to see a profit. The truth is that the company offers a very good photo shopping and photo editing tool. It has a wide range of tools that are very sophisticated. It is also used in quite a few private businesses and in colleges/universities, which means that learning how to use it is also a good career move for some people.


Fancy a free and open-source image editor? What is more special about GIMP is that it is a photoshopping program, it is a photo editing program, and it is free. The downside to GIMP is that it is so tricky to use and learn. It is not an intuitive piece of software, and that is true even if you have used various other photoshopping tools. GIMP allows for free-form drawing, and it has numerous image editing options so that you have more control over the look of your visual content marketing.

9. PowTown

There are better animation programs on the net than PowTown, but PowTown isn't on this list because of the quality of its animation tools. It is on this list because the creators have built a program that makes it easy to make your own animated presentations. You control the characters and make them do as you desire. What you create is then built into an animated presentation that you may share digitally. Do not be fooled by PowTown’s claim that it is a free tool because it is not free. Plus, their claim that you get an extra 300% engagement is bull honky.

10. Windows + Print Scrn with Microsoft Paint

Stop looking for online tools and apps that take screenshots. Instead, press and hold the Windows button and press the “Print Scrn” button to take as many screenshots as you like. The screenshots are saved as JPEG files in your “Pictures” file on your computer. If you wish to change things about the image, such as the size or rotation, then use Microsoft Paint. The team at Assignment Masters is always using screenshots to make points in their essays or create proof for their essays. This Windows technique is the fastest way of taking screenshots on a Windows website.


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