Why You Should Incorporate Email Signatures in Your Marketing Strategy

Emailing has long been the most efficient marketing channel with all its personalization and simplicity. And it remains at the top, according to Campaign Monitor. While making a social media post go viral or promoting your new YouTube channel requires a certain amount of research and blind funding, you can spend little on email, if you are lucky enough.

Image source: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/email-marketing-roi/

Of course, all the marketing channels are equally important for building brand awareness. The point here is that you should squeeze every drop out of email as it is the cheapest and the most useful. And email signature marketing has a lot of drops in it if you squeeze hard enough.

As emails are sent so often, signatures should always be there

You and your employees send hundreds or even thousands of emails daily. And there are automated follow-ups and newsletters as well. As you probably already have your emails set up perfectly, think about how to transform a common email signature into a separate marketing channel.

The best thing about an email signature is that it is always there at the footer of your email. You never have to find a special place for it. However, it might be somewhat difficult to make a signature look actually professional. One needs some serious HTML coding and designing skills to make an email footer look best. And creating a separate signature for all of the employees is a hundred times harder and more time-consuming task.

Taking everything into account, the best thing since sliced bread is an online email signature generator. Take Newoldstamp as an example. This tool allows creating and managing email signatures for you and your employees in one place. Moreover, there is a convenient editor with a full gallery of templates and ready-to-use promotional banners. By the way, let’s learn how you can use the latter.

Utilize an email signature to get the most of its benefits

Now, how can you really use an email signature for marketing benefits? There is more in an email ending than one might have thought.

  1. An email signature can contain lots of useful information. Adding your phone numbers, website address, and different emails makes it easier for your recipients to contact you. In the long run, it means easier communication and faster getting to the point (read ‘sale’).
  2. If you have your personal photo in an email signature, people are much more like to take the email content personally. Everyone tends to feel a deeper connection with a smiling face rather than with a boring bunch of words.
  3. You can include any social media account links in an email signature. Online tools allow you to do that easily. Truly, one can’t think of a better place for those social icons than in an email footer.
  4. Call-to-action buttons and promo banners are where it gets the most interesting. You can actually add any kind of CTA to your email signature, for instance, one promoting your blog or asking people to schedule a meeting. This way you make sure that those interested in the content of your email can easily learn more about you, your product or service, and all the info you have to offer.

How can promo banners turn your email signature into an eye-catching CTA

It is all about the words you say on a design you make. Whatever thing you want to promote through your corporate email signatures, make sure these two concepts complement each other perfectly.

Firstly, think about a nice layout design. You should use 2-3 colors, preferably taken from your company logo, in a signature. It is also a good idea to make the template look similar to your photo. Generally, you should make your footer neat and clean, emphasizing the most important parts.

Secondly, the CTA on a promo banner should be powerful and eye-catching. Words like ‘try, get, join, learn more, sign up,’ etc. work the best on this occasion. So, combine a link you want your recipients to click with the words that will make them do so, and you make your email CTR rise significantly.

To sum up, an email signature is a powerful and easy-to-use marketing channel. It doesn’t take too much time setting it up; if you use an online tool, of course. But the benefits it can grant are difficult to ignore. That’s why letting all your employees use similar corporate email signatures can help your company really boost brand awareness and bring your sales number to a huge increase.