20 Tips for Promoting on Reddit

20 tips for promoting on reddit

Reddit is one of the most active social communities in the world with an audience of 1.55 billion unique users per month. Unique in many ways, Reddit combines the advantages of both a forum and a social network. 

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People trust people, and that’s why this platform can be a great place for the promotion of your personal brand or business.

Let’s cover the basics first, and then dive into tips on how to promote on Reddit to your advantage.

How Reddit Works

Reddit is a web-based platform where users develop communities, post content, vote on links, and share comments. Simply put, it is a social news site that enables users to discuss content. This online community enables individuals to explore, classify and exchange valuable knowledge. 

To prevent spammers from bothering readers, Reddit came up with “karma” points. Users get karma through their reviews and links being up-voted by group members. If you send spam to Reddit for your unrelated content, you can get down-voted by members. 

Reddit also restricts the number of times you are allowed to add content to the site. 

Tips for Promoting Your Content

Below, I will share some tips on how to share and promote your content on Reddit’s platform. Let’s have a look!

1. Be a Redditor first

First, you must be a Redditor and gain karma. This means you have to spend time on the platform by engaging in subreddits and the group members. Start by finding subreddits that pertain to your area of expertise and industry. Then begin tapping on links, reading posts and upvoting yourself to the ones you want. Comment and react to comments. Preserve your appearance and be a real Redditor.

2. Find subreddits in your niche

Reddit’s inbuilt search engine is trash, but it’s good enough to find the subreddit you’re searching for. Your article may be hard to notice on big subreddits, so post on smaller subreddits where you can find people to support and engage with your article. Sidebars of broad subreddits typically list smaller subreddits relevant to your articles.

3. Create a few accounts

You will improve your promotion of your brand and content by setting up several Reddit accounts. For example, create a special subreddit for your business and start discussions with other accounts. Do note that Reddit closely tracks whether users are teaming up for promotion and may restrict them if they see it.

4. Comment on top submissions

The best way to get upvotes and karma is to comment on the most popular articles, like those on the front page. You may add a separate comment or participate in ongoing discussions, which are much more likely to give you a few karmas. 

Note that a comment does not really mean anything unless it is important and valuable. Otherwise, you could get down-votes, which is the inverse of promotion.

5. Don’t upvote your post from various accounts

Regarding advertising strategies, Reddit is very strict. If administrators find out about your gimmick, all the accounts (especially this with low karma) can be blocked. Therefore, concentrate on getting upvotes from actual individuals and don’t waste time reacting under your posts to their comments.

6. Follow the rules

Every subreddit has its own set of regulations. Some will ban you after your first violation. Always check the sidebar before posting on a new section.

7. Don’t add hyperlinks to your text

Share the name of your blog without linking to it. For example, type “Travelpayouts” instead of “blog.travelpayouts.com.” Make it look like you’re talking about a brand for the benefit of other people and not just trying to sell it. Interested people will find your brand and you won’t attract the unwanted attraction of admins.

8. Try the helpful extension

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a common browser extension that simplifies the development of posts and comments, broadens images, and covers up your visited and down-voted posts.

There is a subreddits bookmark bar that enables visibility and moderation.

9. Delete old posts without comments or upvotes

You can’t satisfy everybody, so downvotes are likely. The best thing to do is delete negative feedback entries, and you will stop losing karma.

10. Ask friends to upvote your post

When starting your accounts, gather support from your friends, but don’t use this tactic on all your articles. It’s also necessary to get feedback on your articles, so try and generate all sorts of activities for your post.

11. Check the subreddits every day

Reddit is a forum with a high level of user engagement, so new posts show up very rapidly. Regularly search for articles that are close to your niche or expertise and leave feedback. You can easily increase your karma this way and prevent losing the opportunity to promote your brand properly.

12. Create error-free posts

Properly inspect your articles for errors before posting. If you don’t, you could get negative or abrasive feedback, or maybe even downvotes.

13. Ask for support

If you’re a new user and want support from the community, you can request support on Reddit. User accounts are depersonalized here, so users are able to share their views freely without fear of disapproval. You’ll get an honest answer and learn how to publicize on Reddit at the same time.

14. Post in other languages

If you speak several languages, don’t miss the opportunity to reach a wider community. Reddit is accessible in 70 languages, and your potential clients may not only be in the English-speaking community.

15. Respond to every comment on your posts

Provide feedback to users who show interest in your materials. You’re going to earn karma as an active customer. By showing gratitude to readers’ comments, you will increase trust. 

Always, check to see if someone in your profile has commented back on your post.

16. Ask the admins for permission

In order to advertise on Reddit, you will need to seek permission from the admins of the related subreddit, since neither admins nor users would tolerate offensive advertisements. To build trust, place your link effectively and efficiently. For example, define the issue people face and illustrate how your product can improve the issue or start by sharing a case study. Your message is meant to add meaning to the audience and involve them in the conversation.

17. Cite your sources

Remember to cite your sources when sharing facts and numbers to build trust with Redditors. It’ll also allow you to confirm that the content you provide is reliable and correct. In addition, users are more likely to share your articles if they seem reliable, which will instantly extend your scope.

18. Don’t capitalize all letters

Do not use all capital letters in one word in titles, the article body, or comments. Not only will the Reddiquette prohibit this, but capitalized titles are often difficult to read.

19. Use dedicated subreddits

Search the subreddits that your target audience uses the most. Paying attention to large sections of Reddit is complicated if you are a new user, so start with simpler subsections. For example, in the marketing subreddit sidebar, you will find thematic links: content marketing or digital marketing. 

Reddit Marketing Communities

20. Bonus tip: Upvoted posts bring dofollow links

When you post to communities with user-generated stuff, you get nofollow links by default. Although, if your post earns a certain amount of upvotes, the link will eventually become a do-follow link. 

Final thoughts

Reddit is a permanently updated, unlimited source of useful information on almost any subject. Use the time you spend on Reddit to your advantage. You can both develop your personal brand and help your business to enhance its authority and attract new audiences.