3 Principles of Digital Advertising Every Real Estate Agent Should Master

Real estate agents are nothing today without digital advertising. One’s ability to sell a home is magnified if you’re able not only to list a property online, but also market it there.

The skill of digital marketing is still fairly new, so if you’ve focused on physical marketing for much of your career, the process might be a little challenging to master. Selling a home quickly in 2016 is only possible if you take full advantage of the digital marketing opportunities that are readily available to you.

It’s not that physical marketing is dead. In fact, for real estate agents in particular, signage and other forms of sales promotion remain essential for attracting attention from local shoppers.

But digital marketing fills a void and appeals to an audience that physical marketing alone can’t reach. The concepts can’t be mastered overnight, though.

As you develop your marketing strategy to include technological ads, here are three vital points to keep in mind.

Take Advantage of Social Media Ads

Social media is one of the best places to spread the word about your listing. Thanks to the interconnectivity of the platform, your advertisement has the potential to pass from friend to friend until it reaches the majority of individuals in your area, and even homebuyers across the world.

Facebook is probably the most lucrative network for spreading the word in such a manner. It’s used by a billion people every day, and the company’s advertising platform is the pioneer of social media advertisements. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram can also be useful for sharing images of your listing.

Social proof is crucial for effective advertising. When you offer testimonials by past clients, showcase awards, relate the volume of properties you’ve sold, and develop a strong following on social media, home buyers will be more likely not only to see your advertisements, but also do business with you.

Create an Online Newsletter

You can also take a more direct approach in your real estate advertising with a monthly newsletter. Develop an email list that’s composed of old clients, referrals, and emails collected through data sharing.

This adds a more personalized touch to your advertisements that can’t be matched through traditional forms of advertising. Fill the newsletter with information about good real-estate tactics, what’s happening in the current housing market, and an array of your hottest listings.

Don’t forget to add contact information and several calls to action in order to encourage consumers to make decisions.

Develop Radio and YouTube Commercials

TV commercials have been losing effectiveness. Ever since online streaming services and television recording was developed, fewer and fewer consumers watch live TV, and they almost always skip the commercials.

But commercials can still lead to conversions if you post them on the right alternative outlets. It’s expensive and rarely worth the ROI to get a television spot that results in a successful commercial.

Video hosting websites like YouTube and music streaming services like Pandora, on the other hand, offer a much more gratifying slot for a commercial. These streaming services have altered the way we do media.

More consumers engage these services than traditional radio and television. When you put your commercials in the best streaming venues, you’ll have an affordable window for attracting customers.


Extending your reach beyond physical forms of marketing is a natural step in today’s digital-focused world. It is an essential compliment to already developed, more traditional marketing by reaching a wider audience through modern word-of-mouth channels like social media and utilizing potentially unexplored media outlets like online radio. By developing a digital strategy, you’ll strengthen your business and carry it in to the future.