3 Ways to Build a Solutions-Based Website

The internet is the greatest problem solver in all of human history. While that might sound hyperbolic at first blush, consider the true depth of the internet. With a search engine at your disposal you can find answers to questions that have always bothered you: like how to eliminate grass stains on white clothes, or does foam rolling actually work? The point is, no question is too outlandish, no query too frivolous to explore; if you’ve got a question, someone out there on the internet has an answer for you.

Given the internet’s unmatched power in this regard, it’s only natural to assume that every business would use this feature to their advantage. After all, good businesses offer solutions to customers’ problems. Unfortunately though, far too many businesses have confounding websites that confuse rather than inform their clientele. The good news is, you can rework your website for the better so that your customers can find the answers they need. Here are three ways how:


Many companies feel the need to create eye-catching websites that are bursting with images, graphics, and videos. And while it’s beneficial to include those things on your site, do so with a great deal of care. The last thing a prospective customer wants to deal with is a garrulous website with pop-ups and alternating screens. Keep your website simple and functional before you go adding bells and whistles to it. It’s the most important element to creating a website that can work for you.

Include an FAQ Page

One on-the-nose way to ensure that your website remains focused on answering your customers’ questions is to actually do so. Including an FAQ page on your website can act as a great resource for leads looking to learn more about your business. Plus, it’ll give you an opportunity to link to your related products and services. Remember: don’t withhold information that customers want or need. If you tease them with the promise of an answer on your site, make sure that you include it on a highly visible page –– whether you use the FAQ format or not.

Create a Link Network

Ideally, your customers should never be more than a click or two away from making a purchase or else getting in touch with a member of your sales team. So work to create a network of links between your blog posts, landing pages, and ecommerce store. The best websites offer answers to basic questions, and then retain visitors through compelling content and well-placed links.


No matter what methods you decide to take to create a better website for your brand, always keep your customers at the forefront of your thinking. The most beautiful website in the world won’t help your business grow if it doesn’t properly serve your customers. Remember that, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a solutions-based website.

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