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4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

Date published: September 27, 2017
Last updated: September 27, 2017

The smart marketer out there knows how great content marketing can be for any digital brand.

Trouble is that for small brands, it becomes difficult to keep on pumping in money for content marketing unless they get concrete results pretty quickly. That’s where I pitch in with help.

In this guide, I will share 4 tips that will help you improve your content marketing ROI by driving the numerator value up and driving the denominator down.

1- Repurpose Your Content for More Traction

This is the smartest action you can take to meet your goal of better content marketing ROI.

On an average, you can create 3 to 4 different content posts from every single blog post.

I agree that’s a little too much, so here are the best practices to get the maximum leverage from your existing content.

  • Club together related content posts and create a mini-ebook, which you can share in exchange of email IDs from subscribers.
  • Already have an e-book? Break its sections down and create individual blog posts out of it.
  • Create a YouTube video out of a webinar, extract screenshots and create an image rich content post, and repurpose it all into a Slideshare presentation deck.
  • Create podcasts from your most popular blog posts.


2- Implement Strong Analytical Control for Targeted Content Marketing

Analytics is the core of managing content marketing with a strong focus on ROI.

Understanding which marketing dollars go waste and which get those returns can multiply your content marketing ROI.

To this effect, use at least two analytics engines – we recommend Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Dashboards are a great way to understand what’s delivering value and when. I recommend reading this tutorial to create effective web analytics dashboard that will help you to understand which content is getting the maximum engagement.

Moreover, with the help of Facebook Insights, you can uncover a great deal of information about your prospects. It aggregates information about purchase behaviors, demographics, and geography, among other factors, to help marketers understand their target audiences better.

Facebook Insights can deliver information on parameters such as page likes, location, language, demographics, Facebook usage, and purchase behavior of people on Facebook, specific people connected to your Facebook business page, or people in your Custom Audiences.

3- Apply Newsjacking

Trending news stories and trends are the perfect waves to ride on and get massive traction for your content marketing campaigns. The kind of exposure you can get via social media and search engines for these ‘latest stories’ is too huge to ignore. For instance, your take on an important search algorithm update, a lawsuit involving top businessmen or celebrities, or a local news story where everyone’s eyeballs are – it’s good to go as long as it’s ‘new’. Trendsmap is a superb tool to identify popular Twitter hash-tags. This is an example of how Trendsmap interface shows you the most used hashtags.

Apart from this, there’s the good old Google Trends to help you identify the most popular and frequently searched topics.

4- Create Pinnable Visual Content for Pinterest

Pinterest is where your interest needs to be, purely because the competition or audience’s attention here is not as cutthroat as it is on Facebook and Twitter. Monthly users here are 150 million, compared to 2 billion monthly users on Facebook.

One superb way to get more results for your content is to create pinnable images and infographics. Close to 80% of Facebook pins are actually re-pins. Beautiful, value adding, and high resolution images are likely to be gather a lot of interest, and find frequent re-pins on Pinterest. The best part is that the same content will get you more traffic, clicks, and subscriptions for your products, because it will be in action as soon as somebody re-pins it a few weeks down the line from the time you actually publish it for the first time. That’s unlike content on other platforms, where its life is short lived and its potential is time sensitive.

Bonus - A Mixed Bag of Actions You Can Take to Improve Content Marketing ROI

Here are some more suggestions to help you get more results out of your content marketing dollars.

  • Surveys are invaluable to connect with audiences and capture their requirements and interests in a structured manner.
  • Experiment with content in different formats (posts, webinars, YouTube video episodes, Slideshare decks, Podcasts, and infographics, among others) to open up unexplored distribution channels.
  • Find your most successful posts, and transform, expand, or update them to get a lot more incremental SEO and traffic benefit from THEM with minimal effort.
  • Leverage long tail keywords and social ads to drive highly relevant traffic to your pages at very low cost per click.
  • Explore content partnerships with non-competing blogs. 

Final Thoughts

Content Marketing ROI is all about dividing your numerator (that’s conversions, downloads, subscriptions, shares, likes, sales, etc.) by the denominator (money, time, effort invested in creating, publishing, updating, and maintaining the content).

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