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5 Less Well-known Tools to Help You Create Great Content

Date published: November 30, 2017
Last updated: November 30, 2017

Content creators come up with innovative ways to create a great content marketing strategy as well as a content mix that contributes to the success of any organization. At the end of the day, consumers are only pulled towards valuable and attractive content. The aim of this article is to discover less well-known tools that help create great content. High-quality content depends on the industry, a suitable market segment, the original concept, the content creation tools and the marketing strategies utilized.

1. Write!App

This is a writing tool and application that offers top-notch distraction-free text editing software that incorporates features allowing content creators to organize and switch between writing sessions. It hides distracting features and buttons that are inessential and time-consuming; it integrates features from WordPress, Evernote, Word, and IDE. The application can handle large chunks of data which are salient to content writers producing mass content. The best tools that help create great content have basic features such as built-in autocomplete and spellchecker. The clutter-free interface feature is the key component of Write!App and it is wildly paramount to the content creator as it fosters focus to produce substantial material.

2. Coschedule

This is a headline analyzer, editorial, and marketing tool, and an all-in-one calendar company that started in 2013. The software gives users the ability to automatically assign tasks to people in relation to content creation. For content creators, coschedule is a great tool for management and scheduling. This is achieved by making scheduling content effortless through aligning content projects to a customary calendar. The integration between schedule with social media ensures sharing of content on a consistent basis. Users of schedule have highlighted its benefits in content creation as:

  • Drag and drop option makes it facile to use
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • All-in-one advance calendar
  • Quality customer service

3. ThingLink

This is a Finnish-American company that was founded in 2010 by Ulla Engeström. It is an image, video annotation and education tool that brings images and videos to life to create interactive and attractive content. When content creators upload visual media, ThingLink connects them to text, video, audio, photos, and images that are online based. Afterwards, the tool assists users in sharing their images on social media platforms. This content developer also encourages and adds user engagement, especially in blogs. As an educational tool, ThingLink assists students in creating innovative presentations ideally based on their imagination.

4. Omniwriter

This is a full screen-writing program and a distraction-free text editor designed for writers and content creators. The program’s ability to shut out disturbances helps writers focus on their content. With the right setting, the background music and invigorating visual elements provide an environment that is relaxing and soothing to work in. The approach that Omniwriter takes by blocking out monitor displays is an incentive to concentrate fully on the subject matter ultimately producing great content.

5. is a website that was founded in 2006 with mind mapping as the center of interest. The inceptive step of any content creation is idea generation. This concept of ideation is key as it determines the end result. This tool provides a platform for users to create maps and share them through social media, blogs, and emails. Brainstorming, by using a mind map, generates new ideas while improving the existing ones. By aligning content and connecting information, the flow of content is achieved. For students, creativity through customization and collaboration with other people’s content is promoted by the website.

Coming up with exciting content is not only a challenging task but also a continuous process. Great content should target the appropriate market segment. Even though the tools listed above assist in achieving great content, the biggest determiner is the effort the content creator puts in achieving the goals. Creating engaging content goes beyond captivating images and words. The content should be valuable and provocative to acquire the desired attention. According to SolidEssay writer Jeff Mitchell, “In the near future, personalization of content will be the fine line between success and failure of organizations.” With advancements in technology, the future of content lies in the evolving tools in marketing as well as the changing user preferences.


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