Common Mistakes in Writing Web Content


Have you ever been really inspired by something you read online? Some content writers have a way to make you act. They inform you, but they also inspire you at the same time. Some examples of online content, on the other hand, are not that good. To be honest, they are downright disastrous. When you read them, you get the impression that the writer was in a hurry to write as many words as possible. The headline is misleading and you don’t get the impression you expected to find.

Why does this happen? There are good writers and bad writers. That’s an age-old fact. However, great writers can also perform under their capacity. In that case, improvements are necessary.

How do we get better at content writing? By revealing and understanding our flaws. The first step to improvement is recognition. What are we doing wrong? This infographic by Pro Writing Partner can help. It’s a really useful tool for identifying what we lack and boosting our strengths as writers.

The writer’s block is the first obstacle on the way to successful content. When you don’t overcome it, but you push yourself to write the article anyway, it’s obvious to the reader. Maybe they won’t be able to tell you were going through a writer’s block. However, they will notice the lack of enthusiasm in the result. It will be dry and soulless.

Lack of editing is another common mistake we see all over the web. Some posts come with great ideas and arguments. Suddenly, you notice an it’s instead of its and that ruins everything. How could this author pay so much attention to their ideas and then fail with a so-obvious mistake?

Then, we see that article that says something like “American scientists prove that red wine boosts fertility in women.” Where’s the study? Where’s the link? Nowhere. You assume the writer is just lying. Under-researched content makes people nervous. If you want to be convincing, you have to support your arguments with facts.

Are you interested in revealing the remaining common mistakes in content writing? This infographic lists them for us.

What should we do after recognizing these flaws? Easy: get rid of them! Each mistake comes with a proper solution. Do you know what the ultimate solution to becoming a better content writer is? Do your work! Practice more. Write more. The more practice you accumulate, the better you’ll become.