How to Add Digital Content to Your Promotional Products

In this era where technology is taking over the marketing world, it is typical for businesses and marketers to overlook the importance of promotional products. Promotional products are now being considered as an ineffective and cost-intensive marketing strategy with more and more marketers deeming them as irrelevant.

The truth is most of the marketers have that perception because they have not taken their time to understand how they can effectively incorporate the promotional products in digital marketing. There is no doubt that as more marketers shift to internet advertising and focus more on social media, they increase the chances of losing touch with prospects and existing customers. Everyone loves free things, and customers and potential customers will feel more valued and appreciated. It is, therefore, a great way of connecting with your customers, creating brand recognition and reminding them that you care.

In this article, we will be focusing on some of the effective ways in which you can add digital content to promotional products.

Use of QR code in promotional products

A lot of marketers are going crazy about QR-codes lately, and it is all for the right reasons. The primary goal of undertaking a marketing campaign in the first place is so to attract more prospects and try as much to turn those prospects into actual buyers. In this digital era, calls to action are one of the most effective ways to convince your prospects to have a look at your products and services at least. The QR code has come in as a perfect way to include a call to action on your promotional gifts, and this is one excellent way of adding digital content on them.

What is QR code you ask? You have probably seen black and white squares on the products you buy from the store, and before you can pay for them, the cashier swipes them over a scanner to get the serial number. Now that you understand what QR code is, perhaps you are wondering how you can use it to your advantage and how you can make the most of the codes for your promotional gifts. It is simple, but you cannot just integrate codes on any personalized products and expect that they will undoubtedly yield results. You, however, need to come up with a plan first for it to be effective.

QR codes can store more information than any other regular bar codes, and that is where they are preferred for content creation. It may sound like a complicated concept, but it is quite easy when done correctly. There are numerous ways in which you can integrate QR codes in your promotion products efforts, and they include;

  • Adding a QR code such that when the product is scanned, the code directly contacts your business – This is super convenient as it saves the recipients a few steps of getting your contacts and trying to make a call
  • A drawing QR code – in this case, if you hold a trade show, the exhibition attendees get a chance to enter the draw automatically where they can win prices after scanning the code. This will also allow you to get their contact information which you can use further in your campaigns
  • Add some intriguing message in the code which will arouse the recipients’ interest in your brand. Make the message simple but convincing
  • Link the QR code your business social media platforms – this is an excellent way of promoting interactions with your prospects. Once the promotional products are scanned, the code should lead the recipients to an auto-tweet or lead them to your brand’s official social media pages and ensure that you test the codes first before printing them
  • Add coupons or special offers – you can use the codes to lead the prospects to exclusive offers and coupons
  • Use them for a call to action – this is by far the most common way of using QR codes to generate leads. By this, it means that when scanned, the code will lead the recipients of the products to a call to action page, which will stimulate them to try your products
  • You can also create a QR code that leads people directly to your website. You should, however, note that this is the most common and obvious and therefore, playing along with the other tricks might do you great

Now that you know the various ways in which you can incorporate QR codes in your promotional items, it is also good to note that some products work better for QR codes than others. Look for items with a flat surface as that will work better with scanners. Avoid pens and balls.

Augmented reality on corporate gifts

Incorporating augmented reality to your promotional products turns everything magical. It is a unique and thoughtful way to communicate with your target audience. Also, customers love seeing that a brand is going out of its way to come up with exciting things and adding augmented reality to corporate gifts shows that you are doing the most.

You can do so by the use of either a 3D LOGO or a video to engage your audience. Luckily, augmented reality can now be added into a range of regular products of branded merchandise.

How does it work? This may sound like a new concept, but it is super easy. All you need is a smartphone, where you will then download an easy-to-use app that will guide you through the rest of the procedures. The Augmented Reality magical concept is triggered by a customized message, which is then printed on your products. It is an excellent way of making your marketing campaign lively or bringing it to life in the audience’s environment.

Augmented reality is all about merging content from the real and virtual world to come up with something magical that will keep your audience glued to your products. Take an example of a promotional item such as a pen or a cup. In reality, it will just be a simple cup, but when looked through the smartphone app, you can see a personalized message or a video. Now you can take advantage of this and make the message or the video something promotional to draw people to your brand more. You can use this to add a demonstration video showing people how they can use your products and the results to expect from them. You can also add a call to action, asking them to try the products and enjoy the numerous benefits they bring.

QR codes and AR are the two main tricks that you can use to add digital content to your promotional products. However, you cannot just jump right into it without a plan and expect that it will yield results. You need to have a strategy and a few tips to make it a success. How do you do so? Here are a few tricks.

Know your target audience

The concept cannot be successful if you do not keep your audience at the top of your mind. It is always good to know your audience so you can understand what they love and what kind of items could please them. You should gift them with things that they actually need; otherwise, the free items will just be a waste of resources. Choosing items that they are interested in ensures that your money and effort does not go to waste, leaves your prospects happy, and promotes brand recognition and in the end, you might see some incredible ROI.

To understand the audience and know that free gifts are the right items, check how the product or services can help solve a particular problem. Also, consider if the audience has common characteristics. This could be based on their age, demographic location, gender, or even their job roles. This will help you determine what issues they need solved, and then come up with gift ideas that can, in some way, help deal with the problem. When adding digital content, try and give them a message that will show them why they need your products now that you have already gifted them.

Check the distribution logistics

By this, it means that you should do an evaluation and know who exactly needs the products. Understand who qualifies to receive them and then plan on how they should be distributed. There is always a way that you can follow to reach your audience and ensure that you are reaching out at the right time. For example, you can hold a tradeshow and make sure that the setup of the exhibition is fit to attract the kind of audience that you are trying to reach. Also, ensure that the items are something that the attendees will gladly carry home. For example, people may not like bulky, branded items that could give them a hard time to take home. Go for simple items such as pens, cups, and simple electronics.

Also, make sure the products that you choose are fit for QR codes and augmented reality messages. This is in terms of shape and materials. For QR-code, go for items with a flat surface or rather, a scannable surface. For AR, you can choose cubical items such as pens’ pot, magic orbit, magic can, Bluetooth speaker, you name them. You must note that not all items can work well the concept that you choose and you must be careful with what you decide to use as promotional products.

Go for quality

Just because it is a free item does not mean that it should not be high quality. The last thing you want is for your brand to be associated with poor quality products. If you gift them with inferior items, they will assume that everything about your company is low-quality, and this can adversely affect your reputation. Give out the best that you can. The best thing about promotional products is that you do not have to spend a fortune or break the bank to fund them. Go for simple but best quality items such as pens, mugs, USB drives, T-shirts, and key holders. Such things will not cost you much and although they sound simple but can have an immeasurable impact on the recipients. Also, ensure that the items are usable. Do not give them things that they will just end up putting in their handbags or drawers and forget about them. If they are not using them, they might never remember you, and that is not the point of corporate gifts. Make sure that the items have a real function and that it is something they may need daily.

Include a call to action

Initially, adding a call to action was somehow impossible and you had to give the products and let go, hoping that the recipients will love them and that they will come back. Fortunately, you can now add a call to action through digital content, which is not only interesting but also, something that they might never forget. You can use QR codes to direct them to your site or incorporate AR to include a short call to action message or video on the product. Do not forget to include your contact information so they can easily reach you for more information about your product and services.

These are the top ways to include digital content on your promotional products and ensure that what you are giving your audience is what they need. The best part about these concepts is that you can measure the Returns on Investment of the gifts. This is a great way to help you understand if you are in the right direction or you need to change your ways of doing things.

It is time to adopt new ways of doing things and watch your business move a few steps ahead. Be different and unique by doing what your competitors are not doing yet, and you will undoubtedly stay ahead, attract your target audience, and enhance brand loyalty. All the best!

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