Design an Outstanding Business Image: 5 Tips for Getting Started

As an entrepreneur, one of your goals from the inception of any new product or service should be to design and build on an outstanding image for your business. The way consumers think of a brand — and the emotions they associate with it — are heavily influenced by your visual identity.

By using elements of your visual brand identity, you can influence your audience to trust your business. An inviting logo, specific colors, fonts, and symbols can all encourage audiences to think about it in a positive light. An outstanding business image is how you will be able to showcase an impressive brand and drive up sales. According to one report, approximately 81 percent of consumers feel that if they can trust a brand, they will buy it.

Then, to expand your brand, focus on designing a brand image that is outstanding and memorable. Here are a few tips to help you make that happen.

1. Define and Follow Brand Guidelines

Without clear guidelines, you won’t be able to convey relevant brand messages to consumers. This might also confuse them about what your business actually offers. You want to avoid such situations and define a set of guidelines that can help you build the brand image you want. 

In these, you clarify the brand image that your logo represents and that you will use in various print and digital mediums. For this purpose, your color scheme, tone of voice, font, and typeface all must convey the same message.

For example, if you run a production company, your brand guidelines could include the variations of your brand logo design to be used in promotions. Your logo might be featured on social media platforms without a slogan or tagline while in magazines or brochures, you may choose to include it.

2. Focus on Designing Visuals for the Long Haul

Your customers are likely to remember your visual brand identity and associate your business with it closely. Focus on coming up with a brand identity design that is timeless and relevant for a long time. Choose colors, fonts, and symbols that don’t go out of style.

Take Coca-Cola as an example. The flowing script in the logo was actually handwritten during the 1800s but the brand has stuck with it to this day. Despite drastically changing trends and font choices, Coca-Cola’s logo stands out for its unique appearance. Modern typography became quite popular in the world of design but Coca-Cola didn’t budge.

Coca-Cola Script Logo

If you want your brand image to be just as memorable, focus on designing a brand logo image. Shoot for something that will require minimal changes or upgrades through the years. The idea is to get a brand image ingrained in the subconscious of consumers. You want your visual identity to become synonymous with the product you’re selling. 

3. Identify the Right Platform for Brand Marketing

Social media networks have exploded in the past few years. Today there are a lot of channels that brands can use for marketing and promotion. It can be easy for you to get confused about choosing and using the right one. To build a strong brand image, you should identify a suitable platform for marketing and create brand awareness through that.

The best channel for you to incorporate in your branding strategy will be one where a majority of your target audience is found. If your brand has a youthful vibe and is targeted towards people between the ages of 21 to 35 years, you should focus on social media promotions. You’d want to pick networks such as Facebook and Instagram and create hashtag trends or contests to engage consumers. This sort of campaign would help people see your brand as friendly and energetic.

One word of caution, though. Try not to jump on the bandwagon of social media just to be popular. Instead, strategize and select a channel for your brand that will help build up your image in the long run too.

4. Position Your Brand with a Strong Statement

This is basically a brief statement that tells the consumer what the purpose of your brand is. It should also show how your products or services are different or unique. The stronger your statement is, the better it is for your brand image. In a position statement, you should also make it clear who your target audience is and what you have to offer to them.

Apple, Nike, Amazon, and Tesla are just some of the brands that have made a powerful impact with their brand positioning statements. The sportswear company has made it clear with its brand positioning that its products are made for fitness and athletics. Tesla’s position in the market is of a brand that designs high-powered electric vehicles that can improve the driving experience for consumers.

You get the idea. To design an outstanding brand image, focus on positioning your business with a powerful statement.

5. Be Clear About Brand Values

The brand values you convey to consumers have to be clear from the beginning. It’s an important part of building a lasting and memorable brand image. Your brand values tell the audience what your company stands for. It can help convince them to opt for your products or services over your competitors.

These values can be communicated through your branding and marketing strategies, brand voice, and company culture as well. Take the examples of Google and Starbucks. You can see how both brands convey their brand values via their ad campaigns and quality of work. All of these elements go into the design of an outstanding brand image to further their business goals.

It’s Your Turn

These are just a few simple tips that could help you design a brand image that immediately makes an impact on the consumer. You can leverage them to improve an existing brand image or create one from scratch if you’re just getting your business off the ground. Stay focused on the essentials, but remember to have some fun with it!