Content Marketing Online – A Booming Industry With No End In Sight

There is a strong link between online content marketing and the rise of the Internet, and as we move more and more of lives online, the need for good content is increasing.

Not only has this resulted in content marketing growing as an industry but it has also increased the profitability of the market.

And as we all know – when profitability increases, interest follows. Therefore, we thought we’d offer a quick introduction to what content marketing online is as well as a few tips on how and where one can get started.

The Basics of Content Marketing Online

Content marketing online is a marketing strategy where one focuses on providing high-quality, relevant and useful information online in the form of content i.e. text, images, and video.

This content is later used to market a product or service in order to generate revenue. The product offered can either be your own or someone else’s via a system called Affiliate Marketing (but more about that another day).

Now, there are a million ways of doing this but SEO and a focus on organic traffic from Google is the most important and popular.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and it entails finding trends around the product and services you’re offering and optimizing your content so it shows up on Google. The reason for this is that no one is as eager to make a purchase as somebody that is looking for the specific product you are selling.

Obviously, there is more to it than that, but that is the basic idea that most people working in content marketing focus on. In fact, learning how to master SEO and content marketing takes many years, and since the Internet is ever-evolving, the content marketing industry is the same.

But what can you use content marketing for? Let us take a look.

Popular Niches Within Content Marketing

As mentioned, you can sell pretty much anything online these days, but certain markets have proven to be more lucrative than others.

  • Trading and Casino

The trading industry, as well as the casino industry, are two very lucrative industries because they involve a lot of money and more importantly a lot of customers.

In turn, this has led to an increase in active companies in the industry, and today, you can find several very prominent websites who has managed to find the leverage needed to benefit from the market.

Jimmy Norin who founded sites such as, and has worked 10 years in the casino and finance segment is a strong advocate of using SEO as one of your primary traffic generators. Though, he is also saying that you should not be dependent on Google alone.

“Google plays by its own rules, and they are constantly tweaking their algorytm. I encourage most people to work with SEO. Though, you should never be dependent on google alone. SEO, Social and general branding are all important and work best when combined”

  • Fitness and Health

Two of the biggest industries in the world today are fitness and health and nowhere is this as true as online.

In fact, the number of businesses working in fitness and health online today is quite mind-boggling. But nevertheless, it’s working, and there are a thousand and one opportunities to make use of.

  • Travel

Travel is another hugely popular industry with great potential in terms of content marketing.

Also, thanks to multi-billion dollar airlines, an ever-growing number of luxury hotels, and countless experiences that can be sold across the world, the online travel industry has become incredibly lucrative for content marketers.

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