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6 Tips for Writing Great Landing Page Content

Date published: April 28, 2015
Last updated: April 28, 2015

Most companies understand the essential value of landing pages, but few are proficient at crafting killer content that engages their readers. If you want to improve the quality of landing page content, take a look at this list of the best tricks of the trade for writing high-quality copy.

1. Devise a Unique Title

Aside from the images you choose, your landing page title will likely be the first thing a visitor sees upon arrival. And though a title alone won’t determine the success of your page, it can easily ruin it if you aren’t careful.

The key to creating a good title is to come up with something unique, yet relatable. This means putting a new spin on a familiar topic, and typically employing a title structure that people are used to (such as “X Ways Our Product Helps You Do XYZ” or “You’ll Never Believe What Happens When…”).

Numbers are always good to include, as are bold claims, but they have to be honest and accurate. According to Joanna Wiebe of Unbounce, it’s vital to be as specific and succinct as possible; the goal is to respond to the expectations of the visitor swiftly and accurately.

“If there’s something unique about you that you know people want, that may be the best basis for your headline,” Wiebe writes.

2. Highlight Tangible Benefits

One of the biggest mistakes people make when developing a landing page is trying to sell the features of the product or solution, as opposed to its actual value. Potential customers don’t care about the features unless they understand the value first, so make sure you’re verbally satisfying their pain points.

Check out a couple of examples:

  • New vacuum cleaner. Instead of saying something like “Our state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced crevice tool,” opt for a statement that focuses on the value provided. That’s going to be something more like “Our state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced crevice tool that reaches into small areas and cuts your overall cleaning time in half.” That’s an actionable benefit, as opposed to a mere feature description.
  • Marketing automation software. Instead of saying “Buy our marketing automation software and you’ll save time,” dig into your target customer’s pain points and try to develop a more tangible and specific benefit such as, “Customers who currently use our marketing automation software claim they save an average of 45 minutes per day, and you could too.”

3. Sell Directly on the Page

Most landing pages are transitional locations that encourage (or push) users through the conversion funnel before they get to an internal website page or product listing. But some firms have been successful selling directly on the landing page itself.

By using a tool like Spaces, you can sell directly from a landing page and reduce the odds of losing the interest of your visitors before they convert. If you opt to sell directly from landing pages, make sure to accelerate the process by incorporating adequate sales copy and product descriptions that would otherwise be elsewhere on your website.

4. Keep it Brief

Whenever possible, brevity is preferable to long, drawn-out copy – no matter how brilliant. As long as your title, images and call to action are powerful and effective, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Paragraphs should be no longer than two or three sentences and bulleted points or numbered lists should be employed for best results. If your landing page can’t stand alone without paragraphs of text, there may be a larger underlying issue to address.

5. Include Customer Testimonials & Social Proof

One of the most powerful tools you have access to is social proof. In other words, if you aren’t leveraging past customer testimonials, reviews, and comments in order to gain additional customers, you should be.

According to Ed Hallen of Fast Company, “Studies show that 70 percent of consumers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase, and product reviews are 12 times more trusted than product descriptions from manufacturers.”

When it comes to social proof, you may have several options. The most popular choices include curating quotes from online reviews and testimonials, mentioning ratings on popular sites such as, referencing how many people have purchased your product in the past or featuring a celebrity endorsement.

6. Use Scarcity to Your Advantage

Finally, scarcity is a powerful trigger that’s been shown to have a direct correlation with an increase in landing page conversions. The classic way to introduce scarcity is to include a countdown clock to the end of the sale or mention that only a few units of the product remain in inventory.

The Value of Landing Pages

The inherent value of landing pages is that they’re extremely flexible and versatile. They can be used to gather, influence or convert users.

In other words, you can use well-crafted landing pages to collect leads, promote brand awareness or generate sales. And if you employ the six tips above, you should increase your chances of accomplishing all of these activities.

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