7 Benefits of Growth Marketing For Your Company

benefits of growth marketing

You know you need to market your company. And unfortunately, we all know the days of submitting an ad in the Yellow Pages and calling it good are over. Now, if you’re not constantly creating good content online your business will struggle to succeed.

This is a quandary many companies face. They feel as though they’ll get left in the dust if they’re not constantly putting out new content and working toward growth every millisecond. Yet they don’t have the time to do it.

Some businesses don’t see the immediate benefits of growth marketing, so they stop … marketing. Like, at all. *googles furiously to see if Yellow Pages ads are still a thing.*

The truth is, solid online marketing strategies don’t have to be that hard; you may just need a little help. Moreover, the benefits of growth marketing are pretty astonishing if you just stick with it.

The Benefits of Growth Marketing

So, just what are those benefits?

We’re talking search engine optimization, credibility and brand recognition. We’re talking new customers and free word-of-mouth marketing, not to mention a better understanding of your buyer’s journey. 

Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Good. Now read on to learn more about how a great content strategy can help your business.

1. You Build Your Brand … and then It Builds Itself

Growth marketing isn’t about getting the biggest number of prospects into the funnel in the shortest amount of time. Though traditional marketing often takes that approach, it’s not necessarily effective. That might just mean you got 100 prospects, and 99 of them enjoyed your free trial and left.

No, growth-mindset marketing is all about a slow, steady increase in your brand’s reach. You do this by constantly testing what works, analyzing the data, and building upon successful approaches. Over time, you know that the copy, landing pages, and web layouts you keep work, empirically.

Once you have a brand with enough people addicted to it, word-of-mouth marketing kicks in. So does brand recognition and regular PR hits. Overall, it will start helping you win out in battles against close competitors and essentially help you own your industry.

2. Your SEO Snowballs

Over time, steady growth marketing will boost your SEO or search engine optimization. Constant experimentation and analytics leads you to format content in ways that algorithms adore.

This means you’ll have more articles ranking on certain topics. It becomes easier to interlink your content, and as that happens, content gradually appears higher in search rankings.

All of this is going to help you show up when someone searches terms relating to your business. You’ll show up when they’re looking for information, and if that’s great we don’t know what is.

3. Authority Comes to Stay

Street cred is a fickle friend. When you have a thin website with barely any information, don’t expect investors, potential customers, or anyone else to think you’re an authority in your space. 

Continual, data-tested additions to your content stable will keep you high on the authority meter. Create helpful, educational content that hits on all stages of the buyer’s journey. Create linkable content so the earned media mentions come to you.

We know it takes time, but building authority is a key growth marketing strategy. Start making an effort with your onsite content and…Et voilà … authority is born.

4. You Understand Your Audience Better

Keep in mind that you’re not trying to win everyone over. Instead, you’re trying to find the people who really and truly want what you have to offer. The ones who will love your SaaS/nutritional supplements/cat sweaters/whatever so much they’ll shout you from the rooftops.

People-oriented, data-backed strategies help you do that. And the more you know about your audience, the better you can educate, inform, and serve them.

5. Your Content Accrues Interest

While your content can’t actually earn you a percentage every year, it certainly gains value and returns on investment, so it’s kind of like banking it. Why?

Because the longer content is alive, the more it earns backlinks. As it matures, you make more and more interlinks you create within your own content as well. The longer it’s around, the more search engines trust it.

Content can also help keep existing customers on board. It’s great to attract new leads, but if you lose them right away, you’re swimming upstream. Make sure your blog posts, articles and sales guides aren’t just geared toward the top of the funnel, but instead hits on every stage of the buyer’s journey.

6. You Have an Any Time, Anywhere Calling Card

Anytime someone wants to know who you are and what you do, all you have to do is point them toward your website. Preferably with a little Jane Fonda flourish.

Yes, you can also hand out business cards, set up a phone call or give them a demo. But your online content will do a lot of your work for you. It answers FAQs, introduces your team and serves as a map to all of the great content you’ve created over the years.

Dive Into Growth Marketing

In a nutshell, a good growth marketing strategy keeps your brand front and center. Wherever your audience is, your brand should be there as well. And if you faithfully execute an intelligent, consistent content plan, it will be.

Not sure where to start with your own growth marketing? You may want to look into a growth marketing agency to help strategize and execute your next growth marketing campaign.

No Yellow Pages ads needed.