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8 Ways to Create Unconventional Content

Date published: September 26, 2019
Last updated: September 26, 2019

Words are powerful, and if used in the right way, they can get anyone up the ladder of success. Living in a world of high competition, where everyone is competing to outnumber the other, the use of words at the right time and place is crucial.

Most enterprises and businesses these days are seen hiring the best content marketers to advertise their products and services. But not everyone’s content connects with the audience. Why? Because most of them do not think out of the box.

Creating content may not be difficult but presenting them in a way that stands out, such as with vinyl banners, is difficult. You could hire the best writers, and even then, your content may not do well, why? Because not all writers have the creativity to present their words in a meaningful way.

If this is something you struggle with too, here are eight ways to create unconventional content that will help you to stand out

1. Be Funny and Absolutely Unique

With all the stress and worries to deal with, people today can use some humor to get some much-needed relief. Unconventional content should aim to do just this. For companies that wish to connect with their audience, crafting content that’s humorous is enough to grab attention. A little dose of fun and entertainment through words can go a long way. It also leaves a lasting impression on a potential pool of customers, enticing most of them to come back and get in touch with the business.

2. A Visual Treat

Content does not just have to be restricted to fancy words. Rather it includes images and visuals that leave an impact on the other party. Grab the best designers and hire the finest writers to work as a team in order to constitute sings and boards that advertise your products in the best of ways. Make the advertisement a visual treat for your customers. For example, express your content in a musical or colorful way, something that will entertain your audience. You can create banners and signs which are powerful and impactful, have meaning, and are easy to recall.

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3. Story Telling Podcasts

Since people don’t have a lot of time these days, they love to spend their free time listening to podcasts rather than reading books, blogs, and articles online. While reading content can be time consuming and boring for many, listening to podcasts can be fun and entertaining.

To get in touch with a potential audience, it could be a good idea to start a podcast of your own. On your podcast, present content in a way that narrates a story and connects with your audience. People don’t like to listen to boring conversations, so spice up your words and add a little drama to your story. An entertaining story will have your audience hooked to every word you have to say.

4. Get Involved With The World

Unconventional content does not necessarily mean marketing your work digitally. It also includes getting in touch with the real world, getting more involved with the community, and giving them back something as a token of appreciation.

People tend to remember businesses that stood by them in times of need or helped them in one way or another. To create a name for your enterprise, donate to the needy, do charity, and involve the youth in your community with conferences and competitions.

Steps like these may seem unconventional but can truly help a business in establishing its grounds.

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5. Know Your Audience

A little research about your potential market can actually help your business gain an edge over the competitors. The idea is to personalize content, make a list of your potential clients, and contact them with personalized messages to connect on "basic human" level. This way, customers will feel important, hence coming back to you in case they want to make a purchase!

6. Start A Conversation

People love to communicate, to be heard, and to be understood. One of the most unconventional ways of creating good content to market your business is by communicating with the audience. At an event, competition, or even in your classes, interact more with the audience. Start off with simple questions, something that the audience feels comfortable with.

Also, ensure that the content you make is readable and connects with your potential pool of customers. People will only come back to you if they feel a strong connection and know that your words are a true reflection of how they feel and think.

7. Be Short and Precise

No one has all the time in the world to read long descriptions and blogs. To engage customers, make sure that you use catchy phrases, good images, and shorter sentences to leave a mark. Content that is simple, readable, and interesting is what will keep the audience hooked to it.

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8. The Old School Way

Send out an amazingly printed calendar to your potential client at the start of the year. Even personalized posters and business banners can help attract clients.

Unconventional content is not just limited to creating written content for marketing your product. Rather it means using unique tactics and tricks to engage the audience, communicating your point clearly and keeping them hooked. Use whatever approach you feel is right, especially if involves doing something new and different for your target audience!

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