9 Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2018

Instagram is a very powerful social media website. The networking platform has grown to over a billion users every month. This is perhaps one of the reasons why there is an increasing number of tools you can use to grow your audience on the platform. For marketers, these tools make it easy to analyze your existing audience, attract new ones, as well as create very engaging posts. The following are 9 Instagram tools that can help you build your following in 2018.


You can use SocialDrift to organically increase the number of Instagram followers you have. The tool uses machine learning to help you engage with Instagram users. You achieve this engagement using automated follows comments and likes. You can set certain parameters for the tool to do automated outreach targeting certain Instagram accounts, based on their names, the hashtags they use, or their location.

This superior machine learning tool can also help you determine what the best time to reach out and engage with your audience is. Additionally, SocialDrift has certain features in its dashboard that can help you track engagement and the new followers that you have acquired through this Instagram tool.


Marketers love Later.  This Instagram tool offers excellent scheduling features and media storage that make it the perfect platform for marketing teams in social media departments. If as a marketer you need a relatively complex content calendar for Instagram, Later gives you access to content management features including a chrome extension that can help users search for content on Instagram, which they can then repost. Later also has a bulk media uploader feature complete with tags and labels.


This is the Instagram tool to use when you want to attract an organic audience. This tool has a powerful search capability, allowing you to find posts or accounts from the audience you have targeted. You can do the searches using hashtags, commenters on your competitors’ accounts, location, and even the combination of location and hashtags. Combin also allows you to perform both single and mass actions when liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing. The tool has the capability to schedule an action task automatically. What’s more, all its main functionalities are free. You can also use it to leave several comments for several different Instagram accounts.


On Instagram, it is not possible to link photos and captions. The only place you can add a link is on your profile. This Instagram tool helps you to make the most of your profile by using the link to display your best content as well as figure out what content your Instagram fans are looking for and linking to it. What you do is post your product on Instagram and let your customers comment. The customers who comment on your product photo with the word “Sold” automatically receive an invoice in their emails with a link for them to check out. This makes Soldsie the perfect Instagram tool for e-commerce websites.


Growr targets the people on Instagram most likely to follow your brand, based on the target audience you have defined. This super-targeted approach for marketers who want to buy Instagram followers ensures that the people who end up following your brand are those most likely to become loyal Instagram followers, and by extension, loyal customers. Growr is the tool you use when you want to simplify your Instagram marketing. The tool has several excellent features to help you grow your audience organically including the auto-liker functionality. You can also choose certain influencer accounts to follow creating newer chances of growth.


Boomerang is a video creation tool. It uses an excellently developed strategy to create engaging and appealing videos for your Instagram audience. To stand out on Instagram, you have to understand your followers and speak their language. Boomerang allows you to do exactly this. Liquid Creativity reports that boomerang videos today are an important part of what is now referred to as the Instagram language. Whether you want to create a 1-second video clip or one that is a little longer, Boomerang makes the whole process easy. Because the videos have no audio, you will not spend time creating dialogues and instead can concentrate on capturing or creating the perfect moment that best showcases your brand.


While Hashtagify is specifically designed for Twitter hashtags, it is possible to use it to better understand Instagram and Instagram hashtags. More often than not, the same hashtags that are trending on Instagram will be the same ones trending on Twitter. Wherefore, understanding how one platform’s hashtags work can help you gain an understanding of how they should work on another social networking platform. The good thing about using this tool as a tactic in Instagram marketing is the fact that it is very likely that your competitors are not using this tactic. To make use of Hashtagify, begin by searching for your product niche. A tag cloud will appear which will allow you to go deeper into the niche and gather certain popular hashtags that you can use for your brand and products. Hashtagify also has a Table Mode which can supply you with certain data sets that show you the popularity of different hashtags.


This is the Instagram tool to use when you want to get insights into your followers’ demographics. SocialRank does this by identifying, managing, and organizing your Instagram followers. The tool gathers those followers profiles and lets you filter and categorize them based on certain pre-designed criteria. Later, you can export your follower lists to use in further assessments.

SocialRank is the perfect tool when you want to collect the age, gender, or location data of your customers. That said, you can use this tool for other things including identifying other factors that may be relevant to your brand and that can help you better understand what your Instagram audience wants to see. Given how central knowing your audience is to running successful businesses, SocialRank is indeed a truly excellent tool for the modern marketer.

Social Insight

Social Insight makes it possible and easy for you to do a thorough analysis of your Instagram account, allowing you to closely follow your interactions, engagements, and account growth. This tool’s main features make it possible to accurately estimate the best time to post your content. As a result, you get more targeted followers. Through this tool, you can also see the average engagement of your account posts and can use the information to increase the engagement on your Instagram profile. For those with more than one business account, Social Insight allows you to connect them so that you can compare and contrast their analytics. These features make Social Insight one of the most essential tools that business owners can use to grow their brands on Instagram.