Erin Madsen, Content Director for Content Marketing Agency MSP-C, Elevated to VP Status

In a move that will further elevate and expand MSP-C’s impressive list of credits and clients, the Minneapolis based content marketing agency has named 2017 Content Council Rising Star Award winner Erin Madsen as their new Vice President of Content. Erin Madsen previously worked for MSP-C as their director of content where she, and her team of editors, built a unique website for a packaged foods company which helped double their website traffic to over 450 million visitors each year. As Vice President of Content, Madsen will take charge of a team of over 40 content creators, editors, and artistic directors as the company continues to develop content strategies for big name brands such as Delta, IBM, and the University of Phoenix.

Founded in 1978, MSP-C has been creating stellar content for a wide range of B2B and consumer focused brands and companies for nearly 40 years. Through extensive collaboration and creative content creation strategies, their content teams and digital analysts create custom content (print, art, video, design and production), ensure content optimization and outreach, create social media strategies, and develop measurement strategies and KPI identification for data analysis for a wide range of clients. MSP-C also operates two of the biggest magazines in Minneapolis, ‘Mpls.St.Paul’ and ‘Twin Cities Business.’ Because of their stake in the publishing industry, MSP-C has the storytelling experience needed to create compelling and persuasive content that boosts corporate audience and readership across all platforms.

In a press release provided by PRNewswire Erin Madsen has stated,

“I’m driven by really smart people and am incredibly proud and excited to lead MSP-C’s content team—truly the best in the business—in crafting strategies and stories for some of the most influential brands in the world. Creating content that is genuine, resonant and will actually break through in such a crowded and noisy landscape isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is the work we do every day.”

Because of her impressive list of credits, Erin Madsen and her team of creators will undoubtedly elevate MSP-C to a new level of expertise and attract new industry clients.

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