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Genevieve Dietz is a staff writer and editorial coordinator for She holds a Bachelor's degree in writing and linguistics from Georgia Southern University and writes extensively in both creative and technical writing fields.

Genevieve has been involved in marketing for three years and has experience creating and honing social media and editorial strategies for various organizations including Farmer Mac (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation) and Wraparound South Literary Magazine.

She has written over 50 content marketing related articles for Relevance and her fiction can be seen in volume four of Polychrome Ink Literary Magazine. She is based out of Washington DC and enjoys film, theatre, and impactful art that deviates from the norm.

Facebook Goes on a Deprecating Spree On July 2nd, Facebook announced a new update to its platform that will make it a little more difficult for apps to gain access to its marketing API. The…
Facebook’s New Review Process for Its Marketing API is Underway
Google Goes All-In on Marketing Resources and Training Just one day after unveiling its Marketing Platform, which combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google announced its new Marketing Platform Partners Program.…
Google Introduces Google Marketing Platform Partners Program
Snakes in the Grass Advertising behemoth Unilever recently found themselves in a bit of trouble when they discovered that several of the digital media influencers they were working with weren’t so influential after all. Many…
Video Influencers: Weeding out the Good from the Bad
California Passes California Consumer Privacy Act California governor Jerry Brown sent shockwaves through California’s fault lines on June 28th  when he signed a bill cementing the nation’s toughest ever data privacy bill into law. Experts…
California Passes Sweeping New Data Privacy Law: What Marketers Need to Know
Transparency in the Wake of Election Troubles Twitter is doing its part to combat fake news and foreign election meddling by rolling out phase two of its plan for transparency surrounding political ad campaigns. There’s…
Twitter Rolls out Part Two of Its Ad Transparency Initiative
Facebook to Ease up on Certain Promotional Crypto Content In a surprising move, Facebook has decided to lift its January ban on cryptocurrency ads and open doors back up to marketers looking to promote their…
Facebook Reverses Its Cryptocurrency Ad Ban
Microsoft and InMobi to Bring New Cloud Solutions to Global Consumers Tech giant Microsoft has announced that they will be partnering up with India-based mobile advertising tech company InMobi to bring new artificial intelligence marketing…
Microsoft Teams Up with Mobile Ad Tech Company InMobi
AT&T Continues Its Acquisition Spree On June 19th, Cheddar first reported that telecommunications giant AT&T was in talks to acquire AppNexus, a digital ad tech company, in order to position itself as a formidable challenger…
AT&T Buys Ad Tech Company AppNexus
Youtube Aims to Support Community Amid Growing Creator Concerns Vidcon, the world’s largest multi-genre online video convention, stormed Anaheim last week and Youtube whirled in with some exciting new monetization announcements. The video giant is…
Youtube Expands and Introduces New Monetization Tools for Creators: A Breakdown
Instagram Allows One-Hour Videos, Creator Channels A few weeks ago, Instagram sent shockwaves through the social media sphere when they announced, without warning, that hour-long videos could be invading our Instagram feeds soon. Reactions to…
Instagram Takes Jab at Youtube with IGTV, a New Home for Long-Form Video
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