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Google Introduces A Marketing Platform Partners Program

Date published: July 10, 2018
Last updated: July 10, 2018

Google Goes All-In on Marketing Resources and Training

Just one day after unveiling its Marketing Platform, which combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google announced its new Marketing Platform Partners Program.

This multi-faceted program replaces the Google Analytics Certified Partners and the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners and it currently has over 500 companies in multiple techs, data, and media niches. It is designed to be a sort of one-stop shop for marketers looking to revamp their marketing strategies.

Google Managing Director of Media Platforms Chip Hall writes,

“The foundation of the program is scaled training and capability-building across all the Google Marketing Platform products. Whether you’re looking to build skills in-house or partner with a service provider, the program helps ensure the needed skills and resources are readily available.”

Google Unveils Three Core Partner Designations

In a blog post announcing the platform, Hall outlines the following three unique partner designations.

The first, Certified Individuals, allows individuals to access a broad library of study materials and complete individual product certifications. Once an individual is certified, they become designated experts on specific Google Marketing Platform products and various industry topics.

The second designation is Certified Companies and it works similarly to Certified Individuals. However, companies chosen to provide consulting, training, operations, tech support, and other services to marketers on the Platform must have multiple individuals certified in products and have extensive experience and industry know-how. Certified Companies also need to have strong customer references.

The third designation is Sales Partners. These individuals are sales pros and Platform experts who partner closely with Google to give consulting and support services to marketers. Sales Partners are also permitted to sell Marketing Platform products on Google’s behalf.

Final Thoughts

Both the platform and program are now live so marketers can hop on and browse around for partners that align with whatever strategic goals they’re trying to achieve.

Google has stated that the program is designed specifically for up-leveling talent, adding a partner company, or adding new talent so this is ideal for companies looking to give their marketing teams a boost.

The tech giant will continue to build up this program and flesh out new resources as time goes on. Google is also planning on refining its certifications and adding new partners covering more countries and languages.

Do you think Google's new program is worth exploring? Let us know in the comments!

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