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How Does Sales Benefit From Marketing Automation?

Date published: February 19, 2020
Last updated: February 19, 2020

What does marketing actually mean and what is the logical end of all marketing related activities? Well, the simple and clear answer is sales. All businesses and brands work on the premise that a said number of combination of tasks will eventually lead to sales that can propel the brand and the business towards sure shot and long term growth. Marketing automation is one of the trends that has sent sales teams on the upswing as far as their goal accomplishment and targets go. Let us find out how.

There are a number of marketing automation software that can propel your sales teams towards greater productivity. marketing automation is a field that come into the scene in a pretty big way due to a number of reasons, as follows:

Expansion of Opportunities

The internet of things as well as social media and email marketing has expanded the scope of tapping into a wider audience far beyond out experience. These opportunities have helped us envision a world where we have the scope to increase sales so that we can bring in a larger number of conversions.

Lead Management

It has become even more imperative than before to manage all the various kinds of leads in their large numbers so that no opportunity for a conversion goes untapped. This has also been propelled by the various types of audience that need to be tapped and reached for the same campaign, product or service.


With the expansion of opportunities, it has become imperative to engage in a far better manner with the customers who have to be placed right in the centre of the business so that something of value is created routinely for them to give you their dynamic and fickle attention span for your sales goals to be met.

Now, if we are to look at the above developments, the question is what tool or technique needs to be used in order to cater to such challenges and find the opportunity to have greater and larger number of sales as well. This is where marketing automation steps in with marketing automation software. Let us find out how marketing automation can be highly beneficial for sales:

1. Better Revenues

Sales will hit a peak and then gradually chart a declining course when you get your team to do the same thing over and over again in a monotonous manual way. With marketing automation, your sales teams get to focus on the core job of closing sales which makes for creative interactions and engagement each time. This will keep the sales team on their toes and also give you the option of earning better revenues since the team will have more time to focus on sales rather than manually fulfilling marketing tasks.

2. Accountability and Collaboration within the Teams

There will be scope for teams to function in a better manner since the marketing automation functions will assert and fix each task for the team member, who will notified when the previous task is completed. This makes for better accountability and nullifies the scope of duplication or even complete lack of energy poured into a certain task. The collaboration within the team will also increase in terms of quality once the marketing automation software starts doing its work.

3. Creative Solutions

As discussed above, the marketing automation functions will make sure that the repetitive activities within the marketing gamut will be eliminated and only the actual content creation and delivery will be the focus along with the activities and tasks that lead up to sales closure or conversion. This will enable the sales team to implement more creative solutions so that the efficiency and efficacy of the methods and the team as whole increases by leaps and bounds. The content and the marketing automation go hand in hand when it comes to superior and more wholesome engagement.

4. Refined Sales Process

When you set the marketing automation software in motion, then the exact tracks will be set and implemented in a way that keeps the customer and the content at the center with minimum fuss and chaos. This will not only lead to better collaboration as discussed above, but it will also help in creating a better basis for refinement of the sales process as whole. With the elimination of missed tasks, repetition or duplication of tasks, and the sheer monotony of doing it all manually, the sales team will actually have the scope to focus on refining and fine tuning the process to a point where the end result will be a positive one.

5. Explore Sales Potential

It is far easier to focus on potential clients and customers when you are free of the rigmarole of time taking and monitors tasks that can take up the bulk of your sales and marketing efforts. With a marketing automation software, you will be able to take stock of the various corners and platforms of the digital world where you can find potential leads and customers so that they are yours to convert. This will help you increase your potential as well as tap into higher revenue opportunities at the same time.

6. Better Consumer Lifetimes

When you turn to marketing automation, you have a way to constantly keep in touch with your customer and keep them in the very center of your content creation and value addition products. In doing so, you also remain in their attention span and thus, when they need an update that you launch, they keep you in mind and instantly reward you with a new purchase. Keeping in touch with each and every customer may not always be possible, but with marketing automation software, you will be able to send automated notifications and emails and even manage your social media pages in a way that keeps you in the customer radar.

The above reasons do not merely show you the benefits that sales teams can derive from your marketing automation software, but also the ways in which you can maximize these efforts for better revenues and potential for your sales team.

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