GAIQ Certification 2017 Updated Study Guide

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam (GAIQ) administered by Google is a good way to differentiate your understanding of analytics in the workplace as well as ensure that you have grasped all underlying concepts. Additionally all certifications, in addition to being a recruitment filter, make anything you say on that subject far more credible.

Our updated study guide for GAIQ 2017 gives a summary of what you can expect, some strategies to prepare, and an updated list of test questions for practice.

About the GAIQ certification test

  1. Accessible here, the exam has 70 questions that you are required to complete in 90 minutes. With a pass percentage of 80%, you need to get at least 56 out of 70 right or not get more than 14 wrong.
  2. The test is free of cost and can be taken a multiple number of times but you need to wait 7 days between attempts. The verification is valid 18 months from the date of clearing the test.
  3. You will get to know if you have passed immediately upon taking the test along with your score.  Your final certificate will not show your actual score. For more details, I recommend that you visit the Google Support Page.

Exam Strategy: What you Need To Know

  • 70 questions in 90 minutes means about a minute and half per question. If you have studied your Google academy course, you should be able to complete at least 50% or 35 in under 30 seconds giving you much more time for the more complex reasoning based ones which can have 2 to 5 correct answers. The worst are the ones that ask for “click all that apply”  in which case you have to decide if any one or more are “better” that the rest which needs careful study and AT LEAST 2 minutes.
  • The above point is significant because the questions are presented in random order of difficulty and you CANNOT skip questions to go back to attempt them later or make corrections. This means that you get only a SINGLE opportunity to get it right and there is simply no point in restricting yourself to the 1.5 minute average when you can safely assume a 2-3 minute window for harder questions and improve your chances of getting them right.
  • As in most open book exams, answers are hard to come by in the available time limit. I suggest having a second device handy in case you want to look up a term or word that you find confusing. On the rare occasion, you can also google an actual answer! But don’t count on it. Opening multiple tabs on the same device is risky because you may close your exam window by mistake which could lose you valuable time.
  • While you can technically pause and resume, the exam timer will NOT shut down even if your computer does. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using as much of the available 90 minutes as you can; so choose a time of day and place with no disturbance, good connectivity, and a time piece for quick reference.
  • Even for the most innocuous looking questions assume 2 categories – ACTUALLY simple and DECEPTIVELY simple. Read the phrasing carefully to determine the ‘better’ answer – You will find this easier if you have taken the time to go over the material provided by the academy and as many sample questions as you can find including those in this guide.

Study Material

While the Google Academy course does not cover all the questions that will be asked, a) it covers at least 50% of the actual questions in some way which gives you more time for the other 50%; and b) it familiarizes you with the TYPE and REASONING that you can expect in the exam.  Make sure to do all practical problems provided with an actual analytics account as many times as it takes to master the materialIt’s best to do it in 1 or 2 sittings and take notes as some of the videos move fast.

Click below for our updated list of 20 practice questions for GAIQ 2017.

Download Practice Questions