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How PDF Converters Benefit Digital Businesses

Date published: March 03, 2020
Last updated: March 3, 2020

PDFs are essential for modern business operations. Many companies rely on paperless billing and record-keeping, sending invoices to customers in PDF format. E-commerce businesses with employees spread across the country can benefit even more from this versatile file type. PDFs help digital businesses share project data quickly, making sure the entire team is working together. The best PDF converters make it easy to carry out day-to-day operations in a profitable way. Here we will discuss how PDF converters benefit digital businesses' operations; covering topics such as PDF documents, file format options, image saving options, Docx file, etc.

What Are PDF Converters?

There are many PDF readers, apps that can open and view PDF files. However, to actually make changes to a PDF, you need something more advanced. PDF editors such as PDFSimpli let you add watermarks, e-Sign documents, modify text, create new text and make many other changes. It’s also a PDF converter.

PDF converters take editing to the next level. They allow you to automatically convert PDF files into a different format that is compatible with popular business software. For example, a PDF-to-Word converter can perform an optical character recognition scan on your file. After OCR, it converts PDF to DOCX, letting you open the file directly in Microsoft Word.

Other tools let you convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet tables. There are also PDF to JPEG options if you want to compress images to a smaller size for email. PDF converters let you choose the best format for editing information in your preferred program.

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What Are the Benefits of PDF Converters for Digital Businesses?

If you’re going digital with PDFs, having a PDF converter on hand is a must. You probably already use a reader, but that kind of app isn’t enough for e-commerce businesses. You need document conversion options with a lot of features to get the job done. Here are a few advantages of high-quality PDF converters:

1. Secure data storage

With a PDF converter, you can quickly transform Word and Excel documents to PDF and vice-versa. PDFs offer excellent security options, making them a natural choice for long-term file storage. You can keep your financial records safe and secure, password-protected with advanced encryption. With PDFs, you decide which employees or customers can access the data.

2. Easier paper-to-digital conversion

If you’re in the process of adding all of your paper documents into your digital storage system, PDF converters can make things much faster. Instead of typing things by hand, you can scan documents quickly. OCR has the ability to capture the text in seconds, letting you enter the digital age as quickly as possible.

3. Cutting-edge e-Sign technology

Many digital businesses take care of all transactions online. Instead of mailing a paper contract, create a digital PDF contract instead. Many PDF converters allow you to send the file directly to a customer’s inbox for signing. You can also e-Sign bills from your suppliers this way. All you need to do is open the PDF in your preferred editor and click on the “e-Sign” option. You can add a stored signature or use your finger to sign the document.

4. Versatile formatting options

PDF files are universally compatible. That means it’s wise to keep any documents you usually need to send or share in PDF format for email. However, PDF readers don’t always let you take advantage of advanced features such as rich text. The solution is to have a PDF converter ready to go for when you need to edit something directly in Word or Excel.

5. Efficient document editing

Converting PDFs to DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPEG and other file formats can save you a lot of time with yearly document updates. By converting PDF to XLSX, for example, you have access to all of the tools in Microsoft Excel to calculate data. You can modify certain figures practically automatically. When everything is correctly updated, it’s easy to use the converter to turn the document back into a PDF for storage.

These advantages are a big plus for coordinating e-commerce teams. When your employees can share information seamlessly, they get the job done more quickly and without mistakes. A dedicated PDF converter lets you store and retrieve data to and from PDFs in seconds.

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Does It Make Sense To Invest in a PDF Converter for Your Business?

Investing in PDF converters is smart for digital businesses because of the amount of time and money saved. When you have the ability to make changes quickly to PDFs, your business can spend less time on basic tasks and focus on delivering excellent customer service. Whether you need to submit a signed contract or make changes to long documents, a PDF converter can reduce the work required substantially this a way to of how PDF converters benefit digital businesses.

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