How To Gain New Insta-Followers By Writing Outstanding Posts

No one will argue with the fact that Instagram is a social network for visuals but many successful bloggers have become famous for writing brilliant text descriptions. Some rely on useful content, some on humor, however there is one secret that unites them. All these bloggers have a common language with their audience.

They serve as experts who know for sure how to solve a problem and no one doubts their experience. Here are some tips that will help you find your target audience by writing excellent posts.

Choose a viral topic

Viral means to have the potential to spread. It’s a type of information people want to share. This includes humor, provocation, nostalgic moments, useful tips and trends. Such a topic will bring you lots of comments and good audience coverage.

In case writing powerful posts that will touch people’s hearts is not one of your strengths, don’t hesitate using online services like Handmade Writings. The higher the virality of the post – the more chances it will spread through the Internet by itself.

In the era of social networks, the ability to create viral content is a real guarantee of success. Even though, on Instagram, people can’t share your post on their accounts, viral content makes them do things that will push your post to the top. They give you likes, write comments, mark their friends in comments, discuss the issues with other followers and share the link to the post with friends on other social networks.

Such a dynamic will help your post get into “Recommended.” This section is the key to success as it increases audience coverage several times.

Be brief

Try to fit the post entirely in the first comment (2200 characters). Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes – they will not bring you the respect of your subscribers. The best decision would be to check the text for mistakes in Word with the help of the built-in tool. Moreover, there are lots of useful services on the Net like Grammarly. Services like this will check the text, correct mistakes, and give proper explanations so that you won’t make the same mistake again.

Keep the text structured

Start every new thought with a new line and consider adding emoji’s to the text. Make sure your post is visually easy to perceive. Remember, one post = one topic. Write simply and leave convoluted expressions for scientific reports. The easiest way to do so is to imagine your friend as one of your subscriber’s. This will help suppress the professor inside you.

Be unique

Do not copy text from the Internet. Philosophical quotations and old-fashioned jokes are good for Facebook but on Instagram, it’s important to share your thoughts and ideas in your own writing style. Joke if you know how, but be critical of yourself. Your jokes should be polite and easy for your followers to understand.

Use a call to action

Ask questions people will be interested to answer, ask to leave a smile or thumbs up in the comments if they liked the post, ask for advice, or do a little survey. Do everything to get some feedback. It’s easy: people give the answers when you ask the questions.

It’s all about the photo

Photos are an essential part of Instaposts. A lovely passage, a funny picture, a great portrait or some provocative picture is what your account really needs. It’s important that the photo is relevant to the topic covered under it. You can add an intriguing title that will make people actually read the text, not just to scroll through it. Also, pay attention to hashtags to get free targeted traffic. You can also use geolocation to enhance the effect.

The most popular hashtags are:






It’s time to post!

The best time for making posts is weekdays mornings and evenings and weekend’s afternoons. As soon as you posted your masterpiece – record a video for your insta-stories to announce that the new post is already posted. You can also use a “live” function for this purpose.

Here were some tips and tricks that I believe will help you significantly increase the number of your followers and definitely attract your target audience. To succeed on Instagram it’s crucial to understand how it works and be active. Instagram loves those who post a lot. The more time and effort you put into your account – the more new followers you’ll get.