The Best Locations for Your Exhibition Stand in an Exhibition or Trade Show

If you are attending a trade show, exhibition, or conference, an exhibition stand is an absolute necessity. That is, it’s a necessity if you want your company to get noticed. Grabbing the attention of event participants is one of the most important goals of anyone attending such events, and a well-designed exhibition stand and display can really help you make your mark. But if you want to fully utilise your exhibition stand and display, the location or placement of it is a crucial factor as well. The following are the best locations for your exhibition stand in an exhibition or trade show.

What you need to know first

There are some factors you need to know and think about first before choosing the best location. These are the number of visitors (foot traffic) in the location, the quality and attractiveness of your overall display, and the equipment or accessories you may need to attract passers-by and visitors.

Your placement and location options

Near lectures and seminars

Trade shows and exhibitions often feature lectures and seminars from industry experts, so it may be a good idea to find a location near such lectures and seminars, so you can take advantage of the traffic going to and from the lecture or seminar. These seminars are usually held in conference rooms, and if you can find a place near a conference room, you’re in luck.

Near snack or drink booths

It may be a strange idea, but it works. Placing exhibition stands near booths which sell snacks or drinks may be quite an effective way to attract visitors to your display. The people buying food and beverages from the booths will at least glance your way, and more than a few of them may decide to approach your booth once they’ve had their snack.

Near special or unique exhibition or trade show attractions

Many trade shows and exhibitions feature some attractions as well. If you can find out where certain attractions will be placed and make sure that your exhibition stand and display is near one of these attractions, it could bode well for your business. If necessary, speak with the trade show or exhibition organiser so that you can get ‘first dibs’ on locations near special and unique attractions.

A corner stand

For some particular reason, event or trade show participants often gravitate towards the right side of the hall when they enter. It may then be a wise idea to have your display on the right side in order to get noticed. Additionally, try to get a corner exhibition stand. A stand which is in a sort of ‘cul-de-sac’ position can help you get lengthier visits since the visitors have nowhere else to go – they can only turn back. Good luck!

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