Nine Best Content Curation Tools Marketers Need Now

Social media is the cradle of unique and trending content. The challenge of finding content relevant to your cause is genuine thanks to the millions of accounts on each platform. Information keeps pouring in from all directions. Looking for particular content that you need can be a time-consuming affair if you are looking towards winnowing them manually.

Staying on top of industry trends is much easier when you accept help from the latest curation tools. Content curation is similar to art curation. You look for specific subjects and authors, and once you find them, you preserve them in your own “museum.” Social media curation guides and tools help you stay on top of content trends that help you achieve a high viewership and fan following.

Making content curation and creation a lot easier

Since curation tools have been around for quite a few years now, finding the right one for your purpose can be a bit challenging. Here are 9 of the tools our experts use to find and collect content from various platforms of social media.


ShareIt is a simple and free content curation tool. If you are a blogger or a social media marketer, this tool is perfect for you. As you enter the keywords, it suggests you popular sites and influencers relevant to the keyword. It also helps you filter the curated list to find the most recently published content. Additionally, ShareIt helps you directly share the content from your social accounts.


PublishThis is famous for its reliable algorithm. It can get all source relevant content for your site audience. If you are running a social media blog, you can get an idea about the latest topics in your field. Big Content powers Publish This. In addition to collecting relevant content, you can also manage and distribute original content using this tool. Since this tool is for advanced users, it comes with some personalization features. The pricing is not public, and you can request a demo before you fully plunge into its functions.


Curata is a name you can find on almost all content curation tools lists. It can recommend and help your users find content relevant to your readers. You can completely forget the endless hours of looking through content lists to find something new and useful for your website. Curata helps you find, fine tune, categorize, and customize all content for reviewing and publishing on your site(s). Therefore, whether you are looking for content for your newsletter, blog, social channels, or automated marketing campaigns, you can find the most recent snippets on Curata.


Nestle has been using content tools like Flockler for years now. It has 20 content managers; all of which use this tool for creating, collecting, and publishing content. This tool also helps you gather valuable insights about your published content. Flockler allows you to attract people from all corners of the internet using your media feed snippets. Creating a collective presentation of your company’s performance on social media is much easier with this tool. This is a complete package, which allows Google Analytics integration for measurement of ROI.


ContentStudio is a curator like no other. Users can design their content feed and curate content on the web. You can create a complete website using the content you pull using Companies like Coke, which spend a considerable amount of content curation, use tools like ContentStudio. Give your users a taste of something viral, something fresh, and something original with this revamped tool.


Storify comes at a time when bookmarking is the only way to survive the infobesity. Use their Bookmarklet tools and their Chrome extension to find, mark, and capture relevant information. Storify enables you to build massive collections of content overnight using its natural filtration feature. Use the story editor to drag and drop content. has one drive – to really curate content. All dedicated content developers love this tool for its filtration and customization features. Collect relevant content and customize it using available tools to give it a new flare. This tool gives you complete creative freedom with the curated content. The price of depends upon the number of subscribers your site has.

This is a simple content curation platform. It helps you find content by recommending relevant content from all across the internet. Using is easy since it has a likeness of Pinterest. It gives you recommendations based on categories you like. In addition to the regular slice of pie, you also get add-ons from other users on the gives out a daily recommendations list for all subscribers. You can enjoy both free and paid versions of the software depending on your daily needs.


DrumUp is a tool every content creator wants to try. The creators had social media marketing in mind while creating this one! This tool is exceptional when it comes to social media marketing. DrumUp gives you complete guidance on the latest trends and your brand insights. It leads you to content that has the potential to go viral with minimum tweaking. This curation tool offers the most recent slice of fame, which every brand deserves.

Social media marketing is a lot easier with these social media curation tools. Not only do these tools let you see sample reactions for each post, but they also allow you to bypass the mistakes other brands may have made during their social media campaigns. Having at least one content curation tool will help you see more CTR, organic traffic, and a higher conversion rate.