Top Industries That Benefit from Digital Marketing

The internet revolution has changed commerce. On some level, digital marketing affects every industry and every business. Even without an online presence, your customers talk about your business online and thereby touched by the forces of digital marketing. Some industries have been changed more than others. Have you ever wondered which industries have seen the most benefit from digital marketing? Below, you’ll find a closer look at five of the top industries seeing a greater ROI from digital marketing.

1. Lawyers

Did you know that a lot of lawyers started off as English majors? Communication is an essential skill to be an effective lawyer and something clients look for. On top of that, clients have a lot of questions. It’s no big surprise than that lawyers benefit from strong, professional content marketing. A blog full of answers to potential clients’ common questions is food for the search engines and a strong way lawyers pull in new clients.

2. Real Estate

With so many listings now online, realtors have no choice but to get a jump on digital marketing. Great online content helps sell homes, whether they’re in a San Diego suburb, downtown Detroit, or rural Wyoming. Realtors have made great use of many platforms for selling homes in these and other areas. Having a website with great content has been good. This is an industry that has jumped on video marketing in recent years. Facebook has been an excellent platform for realtors to reach clients.

3. Entertainment

While companies in the entertainment industry may still use television commercials and billboards, it’s easy to see how consumers are depending on online channels for entertainment. It’s essential for companies in the entertainment industry to meet consumers where they are. Even entirely offline forms of entertainment, like plays, see a greater turn out when they use digital marketing. This industry gets the biggest benefit when a piece of their content goes viral. A great clip from a musical, television program or movie has a lot of potential here, especially behind the scenes pieces or interviews with people involved in creating the content.

4. Food

Food, like cat videos, is an easy topic for everyone to talk about. It’s a topic that can get people fired up with opinions but in a safe space. It’s a unifying topic. These are all qualities that make food the perfect industry to capitalize on social media marketing. Do you have a cooking video? Do you have a hot topic question that will get people talking? When smart digital marketers get their followers discussing their favorite way to eat avocados, or the most environmentally responsible choices when buying produce out of season, they get their customers passionate and driving a conversation around their industry.

5. Marketing

What industry has been more changed by digital marketing than marketing itself? Marketers have greatly benefited from this revolution. Hiring a marketing agency used to be out of the question for many businesses. Pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, web design, and a great understanding of branding, have all driven businesses to greater marketing heights and so they have relied on marketers who understand how to use digital marketing to grow their businesses.