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3 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies to Win Customers

Date published: May 15, 2020
Last updated: May 15, 2020

The restaurant business can be very tricky. You need to be on your toes constantly and keep introducing innovative marketing tricks to keep the footfalls growing and to make more and more people aware that you are the best. Many restaurant businesses, having tried and implemented all possible conventional marketing techniques, are exploring social media marketing options.

Marketing experts heavily recommend the use of email marketing as a key component of the restaurant marketing plan. Email marketing can deliver good results and also comes with the added benefit of measurable data and that too without having to spend a huge chunk of their marketing budget.

Two important reasons why email marketing should be a core element of your restaurant marketing plan in 2020:

  • This kind of marketing is very focused and offers segmentation;
  • It is a very personalized form of marketing.

It is a fact that a large percentage of restaurants do not have a website, or if they do, it is not current and maintained well. Their digital presence is largely limited to Facebook. However, declining organic reach through Facebook can result in a steady loss of connection with existing and potential customers. It is vital for any business to communicate with an audience familiar with your brand as it can remove many of the challenges associated with marketing.

Restaurants looking to maximize consumer reach can look at email marketing as the best available option as it allows them to reach their targeted audiences easily and through multiple devices. If you are comfortable handling technology, then you can even consider using email marketing software for restaurants.

Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies

With the growing penetration of smartphones and easier access to the inbox, it is apparent that email marketing strategies have the potential to work wonders for restaurants. It is a great way to reach a larger audience at a lower cost.

Here are some of the email marketing strategies that can be applied to give your marketing efforts a major boost:

Personalized Promotions

Create an email list based on the personal preferences of your visitors and offer personalized deals that go beyond the usual promotions. Such offers created especially for select customers will certainly make them feel special and make them your fan for good.

Email Segmentation

Every customer walking into your restaurant will have special needs and interests. That’s why segmentation is a very important step in your email marketing strategy. It can help identify these groups and help you serve their needs and interests better and maybe proactively too. You can create a segmented list of customers based on:

  • Those who order online regularly
  • Those who love coupons and deals and respond to offers quickly
  • Those who sign up for freebies on special events and occasions and so on

Segmenting the email list will help to get a better response to the restaurant offers and promotions.

Email Personalization

Email personalization involves crafting your email and making the best choice of words and sentences to address the customer so that an element of personal touch is introduced. If you have a database of your customers with their names, interests, and other personal information, then you can target such customers with an email personalization strategy for better engagement and response.

It is easy to plan and start your email marketing strategies. It begins with choosing an email service provider and implementing an email opt-in on your website and Facebook pages.

Email marketing has proven to be a very powerful marketing channel for many businesses. It also supplements other marketing efforts to give your marketing results a big push.

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