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How to Remain Relevant Online

Date published: November 13, 2020
Last updated: November 13, 2020

Staying relevant in 2021 will be harder than ever for small businesses. The consumer landscape is changing rapidly, largely in part to the development of technology and the internet. In order to stay ahead, you need a good online presence.

Remaining relevant online boils down to a single word: activity. The more you do to be active, the more prevalent your brand will become. Making the right actions is what will make you stand out successfully.

Here are a few ways to increase your online relevance in the best way possible:

Double Down on Social Media

Over half of America’s businesses have a social media page. Almost nine in ten large companies are taking advantage of the presence social media provides. Social media is free to use and, with the right approach, your content can reach millions of potential customers.

Businesses that aren’t using social media are already behind the curve. Today’s consumers make a lot of decisions based on what they see, or don’t see, on social media sites. If you haven’t already, put together a social media team in order to appeal to the rising generation so you stay relevant to them.

Rank for Key Terms

How often do you research online before buying a product? You’re not alone: Google estimates that 63% of shopping occasions start online. With so many customers scouring the internet when they shop, you want to be seen in as many searches as possible.

Ranking for keywords relevant to your business in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo requires a fair amount of work. Search engine optimization is the process used to rank web pages and sites high enough for people to see them. You can improve your own SEO by posting to an online blog or social media page, focusing on keywords and local reach.

Follow Trends

In order to stay relevant online, you need to follow along with trends. This is easier said than done, with slang terms, memes, and interests catching wind every single day. Catch the right wave, however, and you’ll be more relevant than ever.

You can typically spot trends on social media sites. Keep up to date on trending hashtags and popular search terms. These will point toward growing trends your business can try to capitalize on.

Update Your Website

When customers do find you, either through social media or online searches, you need to provide them with a quality landing page. 

Remember, your website is the first interaction consumers will have with your company online. You want your website to reel customers in and funnel them toward a sale, not drive them away at first glance.

A high-quality website will include the following:

  • Clear and concise language that’s easy to read
  • Visibly appealing structure and format
  • Images and videos that attract attention
  • Calls to action related to your product or service
  • Content pages are helpful and easy to locate

Perform an audit of your website and see how well it matches these parameters. If you spot a problem, such as confusing headlines or lack of images, clean them up.

Fill a Need

No matter how clever your social media posts are or how high you rank in online searches, you won’t remain relevant if you fail to serve your customers. What need are you filling? How are you actually improving their lives?

A solid product isn’t enough. The truth is, many customers will leave a company solely due to poor customer service. When treated badly, customers will determine that the company in question is no longer relevant to them and will move elsewhere. To stay top of mind, offer the best service and products you can.

The best time to start working on your online relevance is now. Start developing content, getting active, and providing the best customer experience on the internet. Doing so will get you more customers, increase your revenue, and provide your business with stability.

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