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How to Use SEMRush to Amplify Your Content Marketing

Date published: October 30, 2019
Last updated: October 30, 2019

Is it possible to conceive of a digital marketing strategy without content marketing? The answer is no. The truth is, traditional marketing has been slowly making way for digital marketing. Customers are no longer impressed with product pitches; rather, they are keen to try brands which offer them consistent and useful content that can help resolve their problems.

According to Neil Patel, as many as nearly 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing in their digital marketing strategies. So, if you are still not a part of this lot, maybe you should reconsider your decision. Those who have incorporated content marketing in their marketing strategies are obviously well aware of its benefits. It is reassuring to know that there are plenty of marketing tools out there which can make this journey smooth for you.

Why do brands focus on content marketing?

Brands which do not focus on pitching their products only are what catch the modern consumer’s eye. And this is what makes content marketing so crucial. Businesses of all sizes use content marketing as this keeps the customers satisfied and guarantees better conversion rates. You can enjoy cost-savings, higher sales and more loyal customers if you can take advantage of content marketing.

To attain goals of content marketing, however, you must get reliable platforms. These will enable you to carry out an in-depth assessment of the existing content and they will give recommendations on how to enhance content quality to optimize its impact.

One such popular platform is SEMRush. This has proved to augment content marketing strategies through tools for content auditing, post tracking, and SEO content templates. Marketers can be both analytical and creative when they use this tool and its features enable them to complete their content marketing workflow in one place.

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How can you benefit from SEMRush?

With this tool, you can discover trending ideas for discussion. You are able to create catchy content which you can then optimize. The tool also lets you manage the editorial plan and assess content performance. By learning how to use SEMrush, accelerate your content marketing efforts.

Content Audit Tool

This tool will enable you to audit the quality of your content on the site pages, based upon sitemap data. So, you get to know which web pages are more effective than the others.

  • You can data like social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, back links, user signals, and average duration of sessions, bounce rates, and number of sessions.
  • The tool will also collect content authors, metadata, and length of content for every URL. Using these metrics, you can identify pages that do not get the viewership they deserve. You can then consider improving them with an update.
  • To get this done, you may click on the “Content Audit” option under Content Analyzer. When you press on the “Start Audit” option, the tool will begin gathering data for you.
  • When it generates a report, you must detect the loopholes and errors on your site. You can do this faster by identifying content through back links or social shares which are not popular as the content on other pages.
  • You may also find web pages which are very old and need to be updated.
  • Finally, you can find content which may be lengthened into longer posts after assessing the word count.
  • Workflows can also be managed using this tool as it lets you track progress for every page on the site. You can choose from options like “Not Done”, “In Progress” and “Done” to prioritize the pages that you wish to improve.
  • You may even take URLs and enter these in the On Page SEO Checker for getting actionable ideas that can help make your strategy better.

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Post Tracking Tool

The SEMRush post tracking tool lets you assess and calculate the performance of articles through tracking elements like back links, social shares, and keyword rankings. This tool can also be used for tracking the performances of guest posts on various websites or for reviewing articles from contender sites. The tool can be accessed from Content Analyzer too. You would need to type in the article URL to get started. You may learn how to run the tool from a demo mode that is provided with it. This tests three sample URLs. In a matter of seconds, the tool analyzes the URL typed in by you and returns a report. This shows the article back links, keywords, and social shares. When you view social shares, you can see the top Twitter contributors for this article - who have either retweeted or shared it. This input helps you to conduct an influencer outreach as you promote your content vis-à-vis your competitors’ content.

SEO Content Template

This is a standalone tool allowing content marketers to create SEO friendly content. Its main aim is to help you come up with content that can outshine your rivals. It will uncover link-building opportunities for you and you can find out how your biggest rivals are making use of target keywords. The tool is available in a navigation menu under “Gap Analysis Tool”.

To use this tool, you must enter the keywords and choose the location. Then you need to click on “Create SEO Template” after which SEMRush will produce a report containing data such as key recommendations of back links, video content, semantically-related words, text length, etc. It is possible to export this template to a document in Microsoft Word for accessing it offline. The document will have recommendations for meta description, page title, back links, and text.

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SEMRush turns out to be helpful every step of the way - whether it is planning a broad marketing strategy or finding metadata for your web page. You can even sign up for a free 14-day trial to see if the tool can give your business the jump start it needs. It has a phenomenal power to identify profitable keywords, no matter what the niche, and it can offer better competitive data than any other content marketing tool. The tool offers 3 types of pricing options, namely, Pro, Guru, and Business Plans. SEMRush seeks to identify who your organic competitors are in order to see what they are doing and to make sure you can do it better.

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