How Voice Actor Can Change Your Content Marketing

The Voices of Content Marketing

In today’s competitive world of blog posts and e-newsletters, video marketing might be the way to go for marketers to stand out from the competitors and increase market engagement.

Brands start to shift their email content towards video content more because it’s research-proven that video email marketing offers 280% more return on investment than text-only emails.

How Voice Actors Can Change Your Content Marketing

First thing’s first, what is voice acting? To put it simply, it is the art of recording voice over which is performed by a voice actor.

The industry started off as voice provider for characters in animated movies, but today voice actors are doing many other things, including TV commercials, YouTube videos, and content marketing videos such as animated explainer videos, demo videos, and brand story videos.

So, what significance does a voice actor have when it comes to using their voice for content marketing-related stuff?

A voice actor can be a determining factor for your brand persona. Choosing the right voice for your videos could be your first step to a successful content marketing campaign.

For example, take a look at this video from Kurzgesagt:

The iconic voice actor who narrated that video, Steve Taylor, also narrates all of their other videos. Right now, his voice is iconic to the channel and it’s almost impossible (at least for Kurzgesagt audience) to hear his voice without immediately relating it to Kurzgesagt as a brand.

Due to the fact that more companies are using videos in their marketing campaign, the demand for talented voice actors like Steve Taylor is increasing.

If you’re still starting your content marketing campaigns, it must be difficult to pick which voice actors you want to represent your brand.

Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, has worked with dozens of voice actors from all over the world. They made an infographic containing the 5 essential skills for voice actor worth their salt must have.

This infographic serves two purposes: first is to help you decide which voice actor is qualified enough to hire. Second is to help aspiring voice actors get hired in the competitive market. Check out the infographic below:

The Skills You Have to Learn Before Landing Your First Voice Acting Job
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

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