What More To Expect From Chatbots In 2019?

2018 has already seen a lot of advancements in them. Chatbots have been progressing since the time of their launch, you will find them used in almost all sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, government, and many more. The extensive recognition it gained was because of its uniformity and uniqueness it brought in the way of communication. 

For organizations, it has turned out to be important to take care of the inquiries and issues of the clients to guarantee shopper dependability alongside the brand foundation. Also, much the same as the prior occasions, man has hoped to take help of machines to evacuate the requirements of human restrictions. This time it is the customer service industry that has been altered, and the development in charge of this is chatbot. Chatbots are viewed as the fate of customer service & management.

Which is the largest area where chatbots are used most?

Chatbots are used maximum in Customer Service, and it has made the most in this particular domain. Over the years we have seen strong apps that prove that chatbots are proficient of making a customer started or even managing their complete cases. According to Gartner, the service realm will proceed to rule in the upcoming years. The graph shows that in 34% of the cases, chatbots are used in the Customer Engagement sector.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbots are basically robots and we all know that, but now you will see these robots to behave more like humans. Yes, you read that right. The way we – Humans; can understand each other’s language and react on what the opposite person is saying. Similarly, chatbots today are able to interact with the help of NLP.

Natural language processing aka NLP connects between the human conversation and bot understanding. How are computers use various tools and codes to understand our language, similarly, NLP helps the chatbots in understanding our language easily.

The fact is not hidden that the need for personalized response has risen more compared to receiving an automated message. With chatbots making communication easier, soon there will be a rise in the use of NLP for the chatbots to be more like the humans that can read the text, analyze it and give the right response.

There will be an enhanced growth this year in the NLP as we all will prefer a personalized response rather than the automated response by the chatbots.


Voice assistants have become widespread in a short span of time. Just over a command, your work is done. How convenient does this sound?

Marketers are examining the unmeasurable future of voice-based assistants as statistics say that 27% visit the website of a local business after conducting a voice search. They give the customers the ease to find information about any particular product or service over a command. 

Digital communications will be seen influenced by the convenience of voice assistant. Brands that are trying to reach potential customer’s offline and online, these kinds of chatbots will have a huge impact on how searches are conducted online by sending the messages across to their target audience. Infact by 2020, you see that 50% of searches will voice-based searches

Conversational Artifical Intelligence 

Today, everyone prefers to chat over an email, even when it comes to communicating with the bank you will prefer to chat than talking on the call, it is convenient & easy and the most preferred way of communicating these days. Marketers have started using this approach for interaction with Conversational AI.

Conversational AI is the ability of a machine to interact with humans in more conversational ways. With the help of AI, machines can communicate in a natural language and even learn new things from those conversations.

Wrapping Up

You will see that in 2019 the AI will develop more for chatbots to be able to function as per the requirements. These 3 are not the only ways chatbots has surprised the technology world, there is a lot more than it can do than we can see right now. The trends will be manifested to enhance customer interactions. Chatbots development company in India will be seen having invested huge amounts in this area.