Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

We’re in 2018 and regarding technology, the world has come a long way. There have been path-breaking advancements in technology since the beginning, like Android, self-driving cars, Virtual Reality, the launch of the Mars Rover to name a few. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the newest addition to this list.

AI has been a trending topic for quite a while now and it is an undoubtedly great feat. AI is intelligence shown by machines. Digital marketing is one of the primary applications of AI, which has been making immense news in distinct fields with its demands. AI is revolutionizing in all industries, and digital marketing, already in its’ evolving phase, is the next target of AI this year.

The Relationship between Digital Marketing and AI

AI holds exceptional future opportunities in the field of digital marketing. AI enables predictive analytics, better experiences for customers, and targeted marketing that will undoubtedly offer businesses with higher ROI.
In the past, several marketers were hesitant to incorporate their strategies with artificial intelligence. The witness is that this year there is considerable confidence amongst marketers with regards to AI.

Through additional processes like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and Machine Learning, AI made its presence this year. But, these are the only components eventually contributing towards unleashing the potential of AI. 2018 would see remarkable changes and impact due to AI applications.

Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

AI’s online support interaction is pretty flawless. Machines can easily predict the behavior and decisions of the buyer and use that data to solve issues in future.

Increased User Experience:

A great user experience is the only thing that keeps the audience flowing to the website. The website should be in such a way it provides visitors with ease of use. With the use of AI in digital marketing, it is going to be much easier to predict the behavior of the buyer, search cycles, buyer persona, etc. The other important thing is the ease of customer service and chatbots are the perfect choice to handle issues in a much faster rate.

Better Return on Investment:

High-level image recognition is one of the excellent features of AI that can make payment processes much faster. It can also solve security concerns involved in online transactions. Machine learning helps collects sufficient data from user behaviors, and adds up to its inventory with better database design. According to audience interest, it provides a better algorithm of decision-making that brings out great ROI.

Easier Search Sessions:

Although the current search sessions of users are quite well, sometimes they can get confusing or clumsy. With digital marketing infused with AI, search engines will get much smarter and risk-free, as AI can easily track user’s behavior and predict their future decisions and web behavior.

Sales Forecast:

Marketing is a continuous, fluctuating place, and an adverse fluctuation can cause way too many business changes, the best example for this is “The Great Recession of 2008”. However, it is easier to predict market’s future trends with AI, so accordingly, the essential digital marketing trends are implemented to save a great deal of inconvenience later.

Reaching the Right Target Audience:

Reaching the right people is very essential to bringing value to your brand and its assets. Digital marketing based on AI makes it easier to reach out to target audiences as it helps find people depending on their focus, demography, interests, and other aspects.

Better Advertising:

The perfect way to promote any brand is through advertisements. Since AI collects and analyses user data and predicts their behavior, creating posters of brands according to audience’s preferences, in turn, would be watching ads based on their interests.


AI, being an active technology on the rise, can create wonders in a vast number of fields. In digital marketing AI implementation, strategies not only make things easier for brands but solve customer issues as well.


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