COVID-19 & Ecommerce: Adapt Your Digital Strategy

Ecommerce, like any other business, is feeling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital marketers can certainly overcome the adverse impact the lockdown situation has brought upon the industry. The positive side of the development is that with most stores locking up and essentials and other products not available from conventional sources, consumers are looking at online resources to meet their needs. This is something that can be utilized by the eCommerce industry to boost its prospects.

The Products Categories Going Strong

School and Education Products

With schools across the globe shutting down because of the pandemic, there is a huge spike in inquiries for schooling and educational products. Businesses involved in supplying education equipment can make the most of this situation.

Garden Tools

As most people are confined to their homes because of the stringent lockdown measures in many countries, they want to spend their time in creative acts and nothing can give more pleasure than tending to plants. That explains the rapidly growing demand for garden tools and gardening-specific products.

Gaming and Entertainment Content

The demand for home gaming and entertainment content has skyrocketed with popular channels seeing a huge spike in subscriptions.

The Worst Affected Niches

Fashion Products

There is little demand for fashion products because designer clothes are of little use for people during such trying times.

Tours and Travel industry

Tourism and travel have come to a grinding stop literally and that’s why the industry is taking a huge beating as everybody is locked in.

How Can Digital Marketers Adapt?

In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are being forced to readjust and realign their budget. Digital marketing spending is obviously going to be an area where the budget will be trimmed. Digital marketers will have to adapt to the situation by creating some powerful strategies.

The current circumstances make it imperative for marketers to adopt the right strategies for long-term productivity and profitability. Read more to know how best to deal with this unprecedented situation.

Efficient Management of Campaign Budget

Some businesses are of the opinion that PPC and other expensive campaigns must be stopped but this could be the wrong approach. A better strategy would be to manage these accounts in a more efficient manner. Keywords with low conversion rates can be removed and the money saved can be utilized on keywords with greater conversion potential.

Ensure Organic Visibility

Marketers should continue to focus on organic visibility and ensure that SEO continues to be on their long-term strategy list. Sticking to SEO will ensure that digital marketing basics are adhered to so that you do not stray far from the changes needed in your strategy because of the regular tweaking of algorithms by Google.

Make Digital PR Your Experience Sharing Platform

Covid-19 or not, digital PR activity must go on. In the present situation where every news resource is focused on stories around the coronavirus, providing something different will be an interesting move. You may find favor from some journalists looking for a distraction story. There will always be an audience for other news apart from the ones dominating the mainstream media at present.

A simple strategy to remain in the news and gain the attention of your targeted audience is to help people by providing them with reliable and credible information. You can use the social media platform to create communities and help people remain connected.

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