Innovative Ways Businesses Can Engage with Customers

When a consumer feels a connection with a business, it’s almost certain that they’ll become a loyal customer. Indeed, while many might perceive shopping to be an impersonal process, the reality is that a person’s emotions can have a big impact on how they choose to spend their money. Given that fact, businesses can and should do everything in their power to engage with their customers – both online and through other methods. To that end, today we’ll share four innovative ways businesses can foster relationships with key clientele. Check them out here:

Utilize Automation

In an ideal world, a business would have the staffing capabilities to communicate with customers 24/7/365. However, the reality is that relatively few companies have the budget to hire hundreds of customer-service employees. What’s more, doing so may be inefficient. In order to stay connected with customers outside of business hours, business owners may consider implementing automated features on their website – like chatbots for example. No, automated customer-service tools shouldn’t be used to replace real-life employees, but rather to supplement their efforts.

In the real-world, business leaders may want to install devices that allow consumers to check out on their own, such as a mobile pharmacy POS system, for instance.

Follow Up

Interacting with a consumer once is a step in the right direction. Yet, in many instances, consumers may take weeks or even months to eventually make a purchase decision. This is why it’s key for businesses to follow up with leads – especially those who have expressed interest in your products or services. Companies can do this by developing an email marketing campaign, by creating advertisements specifically designed to retarget leads, or even by reaching out and sending a personalized message.

Find a Partner

When people think of peanut butter, odds are they also think of jelly. The reality is that many products and services are linked with each other. Business owners who understand this can partner up with non-competitive, but related businesses to boost both of their brands. Cross-posting with an affiliated organization on social media could double your exposure.


Believe it or not, simply responding to your followers online can set you apart from your competitors. The reality is that many professionals are reticent to directly engage with consumers online. To be fair, doing so in a careless or unprepared manner can be detrimental to your image. On the other hand, if you take the time to answer difficult questions online, you’ll likely win respect from your digital audience. Consumers appreciate when businesses are upfront and transparent – so don’t hesitate to address a consumer when they raise a valid issue online.