For a while, people thought that emails were outdated. However, research and case studies have proven them wrong. In fact, people spend one third of their office time checking their email, reading emails or sending…
Great Ideas For Company Newsletters That Will Impress Your Audience
  • 40
  • 04/22
  • Chloe Bennet
Digital Marketing vs Print Marketing: Which is more effective for ecommerce? Obviously, most people today would say digital marketing is the better option. Digital is accurate, fast and cost-effective. However, it is also intangible, less…
How Programmatic Printing is Breathing Life into Direct Mail
  • 185
  • 03/23
  • Charles Mburugu
In the recent digital world, affiliate marketing is widely known across the internet. A lot of people are making use of affiliate marketing to do business. If you are one of those who wants to…
Do You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?
A marketing consultant fulfills a comprehensive list of skillful, specialized roles and fulfills tasks which typically includes analyzing business data and formulating strategies to improve the organizations performance. The core objective of the consultant is…
3 Marketing Strategies to Boost the Quality of Corporate Customer Service
  • 209
  • 03/03
  • Anita Alvarez
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot-button topic across all industries. While some marketers may be concerned that AI could threaten their job security, the truth is that AI will more likely be a tool that…
How AI is Changing the Face of Marketing
  • 117
  • 02/27
  • Jolie Shapiro
Over 132,297 marketing and SEO articles have been indexed in 2019 already! With over  9,877,112 engagements total, we analyzed the most read, shared, and engaged with content of 2019.  Studies have shown that Google leans…
The 10 Best Marketing Stories of 2019
  • 171
  • 02/25
  • Sara Davis
In a world ruled by technology, simply being aware of marketing trends is not enough. Understanding their intricacies and how to use them in your 2019 marketing plan is critical to your success this year.…
Top Marketing Trends of 2019
  • 240
  • 02/11
  • Jolie Shapiro
Buyer personas are critical to any organization. Studies show that when you take the time to create detailed descriptions of your ideal customers, it can lead to more conversions and a vastly improved bottom line.…
Why Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Teams Should Collaborate on Buyer Personas
  • 510
  • 02/05
  • Mario Medina
An essential component of doing business is costing corporations upward of $75 billion annually, according to a 2018 NewVoiceMedia study. So what concept of business practiced every day by all companies is causing enterprises to…
3 Marketing Strategies to Boost the Quality of Corporate Customer Service
The belief used to be that marketing led to sales and, if customers were satisfied, they’d come back to you again. However, the process is not quite that simple. The customer experience (CX) lifecycle is…
3 Marketing Strategies to Boost the Quality of Corporate Customer Service
  • 187
  • 01/14
  • Matt Shealy
E-commerce marketing automation can ruin your relationships with the customers. That’s what most people think when considering including automated processes to increase sales and conversion. The reason for this is probably the popular opinion that…
The Marketing Automation
  • 68
  • 11/26
  • Marie Fincher
Market share is one of the biggest indicators of business success. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of various revenue-generating efforts, from marketing campaigns to product developments, expansion, innovation, branding initiatives, and so…
7 Strategies that Companies are Employing to Increase Market Share
  • 964
  • 11/13
  • Lidia Staron
  • 1
  • 2
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