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Say Goodbye to Corny Stock Images with the Ultimate Resource

Date published: March 04, 2014
Last updated: March 4, 2014

If you're publishing blog posts regularly for your brand, finding new and unique images for each one can either seem impossible or really expensive. Luckily, there’s a host of resources that provide hundreds of royalty-free images, and you are free to use them however you wish.

1 » Death to the Stock Photo
Death to the Stock Photo is here to save the Internet from bad stock photography, one month at a time. While there’s no website set up for browsing, you can sign up to receive a new package of images that you are free to use as you please each month.

This month’s package has a local band them and, because Death to the Stock Photo is out to make your workday a little easier, it includes a bonus music download.

Post by Death to the Stock Photo.

2 » Canva
Canva is one of the best new tools for design-strapped marketers. The tool is full of design inspiration to jumpstart your creativity. Choose from hundreds of free fonts and graphics to give your blog images a little more pizazz, or choose images and icons submitted by designers for just one dollar. You can even upload your own images.

The tool is currently in beta, so you'll have to wait for an invitation to join—but the wait is well worth it.

3 » HubSpot
If you work in digital marketing, you know that HubSpot offers a wealth of knowledge to keep you up to date on the latest inbound marketing trends and tactics. But did you know that HubSpot also offers free stock photos? You can download a package of 75 photos to use for your blog, landing pages, emails, and anywhere else you need visual content.

4 » PhotoPin
Instead of browsing a library of images, PhotoPin saves you time by allowing you to search for any topic. It then delivers results among its millions of Creative Commons photos using the Flickr API. Once you find the perfect image, just click "get photo" to download the image, as well as the attribution link.

5 » Unsplash
Unsplash is powered by Ooomf and full of beautiful high-resolution photos that you are free to use however you like. Ten new photos are added every 10 days. You'll find a large variety from gorgeous landscapes to trendy tech images and the occasional adorable puppy. If you're a photographer, you can even submit your own work to be shared.

6 » picjumbo
Web designer Viktor Hanacek runs picjumbo as a way to offer his photos in full resolution to all designers. His library is organized into twelve different categories, making it easy to find the type of image you're looking for. Viktor's images have been downloaded over 130,000 times since he launched in November 2013. Pretty impressive for a single photographer.

7 » SumAll
Social analytics tool SumAll recently launched a free resource full of quirky photos, illustrations, icons, and vector images. Just sort by the category you're interested in and find what suits your needs best.

8 » morgueFile
morgueFile is a free photo archive made by creatives, for creatives. Simply search for the type of image want, or browse hundreds of images if you need inspiration. Like Canva and Unsplash, you can even submit your own images. morgueFile also has a classroom where visitors can learn more about photography and design.

9 » Lime Lane Photography
Lime Lane Photography is run by Kellie, a photographer/journalist who wants to share her images in a way that’s useful, instead of letting them collect dust. Her photos range from food and drink to places and events.

What other resources do you go to for unique royalty-free images? Let us know and we'll add them to this list. Feel free to bookmark this post to easily find all these resources when you are in a crunch.

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