Top 10 Best Social Media Automation Tools for 2019

Linkedin is one of the biggest social media sites in the world. Did you know that over four hundred million members come from around the world? If we have Facebook as the biggest social networking site, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional media marketing network.

LinkedIn is the best platform to generate leads and sales. But becoming the media marketing expert in LinkedIn will be hard without the help of these tools.

LinkedIn Small Business

As mentioned, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. With this LinkedIn tool, you can maximize your sales, leads, as well as your brand awareness. The LinkedIn tool helps your business in three ways: brand establishment, target audience reach, content marketing engagement. With this tool, you will be able to engage your audience directly and convert them into sales.


Crystal tool allows you to access tp personality profiles and give you the best advice in communicating with the profiles you meet online. The tool can review the profiles and provide the feedback and insight into LinkedIn files. With such information, it can help you to decide to respond and reach out to your audience.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

It is the official tool offered by the LinkedIn platform. The main purpose of this tool is to connect the business and people, or buyers and sellers. It hosts the advanced algorithm that can help you to find the right prospects through the platform.

LinkedIn plugins

The tool allows you to add LinkedIn functions on your website. the plugins allow you to connect with your visitors through the platform. If your website visitors have a LinkedIn account, it is only one step ahead to share, follow, or connect with you.


With this LinkedIn automation, you will be able to retrieve important information (email, phone, address, etc) from your leads list. Besides this important information, you can also automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper is one of the most prominent LinkedIn automation tools you cannot overlook. It is preferable to many users because of its marvelous functions. The core perk of Linked Helper is to help the users automating various LinkedIn processes like inviting, messaging, connecting, joining, and so on. The good thing about this app is that it is associated with other LinkedIn automation tools like Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, and Recruiter Lite. transfer all your manual tasks to Linked Helper and you won’t waste your time again.

eLink Pro

The eLink Pro will help you to generate visits to your Linkedin Profile if you visit theirs first. It helps you to automate the process of visits. 800 profiles are reachable on a daily basis. Imagine how many profiles you can visit in a month.


Discoverly shares in-depth social networking sites information once you visit the Linkedin Profile. It will share any mutual Facebook friends and other in-depth information.


Once you use Guru in your Linkedin, you will know the important information such as prospect competitors, the customers who are working in the same industry, sales information, and so on.

SalesLoft Prospector

The LinkedIn tool helps you to integrate Linkedin sales tools. It is a perfect choice for those who are using multiple LinkedIn tools to improve their business. You can see the list of tools that the SalesLoft Prospector can help integrating for you in its official site.


Sometimes it is hard to spot the top prospects within your LinkedIn network. The Outro tool can help you with that.

It can help you to locate the qualified leads inside and outside your network. Outro can save you a lot of time in searching for the best leads.

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