Traffic A Little Slow? 6 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Anyone who has ever written or hosted a blog will understand the frustration associated with trying to get more readers. Knowing that your content is brilliant and that your blog is attractive yet you’re just not getting the recognition you deserve is a bitter pill to swallow. But before you delete the whole thing out of sheer frustration and vow never to blog again (we’ve all been there), why not read on for 6 simple ways that could help drive traffic to your blog.

Good luck!

1. Remember to focus on quality

It’s tempting to push out as much content as possible, but you need to remember that quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to blog content. Make sure you have an up to date grammar and spell checking programme and consider investing in a good plagiarism checker – you can find the best plagiarism checker by clicking the link. Google has built in plagiarism checkers which means that anything copied or reused will probably not be seen on search results. So be wary of what you’re posting. It can also wreak havoc with SEO which means you’re less likely to be found.

2. Write, write and write some more

It’s a proven thing that blogs with regular, fresh content receive more hits. Basically the more you update your blog the more people will see it. If you’re relying on search engines to get your blog seen, then you need to be updating your blog at least twice a week, as Google gives priority to websites with new content.

3. Try adding a video

The leap between blogging and vlogging can be a big one – especially if you’re not a fan of being on camera. But you don’t have to vlog every second of your day, even just a few moments of footage that relevant to your article can be enough to entice readers to stick around or even share your content. Remember, Google owns YouTube which is another reason why video can help draw people to your blog.

4. Promote yourself via social media

Promotion is everything. So, don’t be shy when it comes to letting the world know you’re latest blog post is up. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, make sure you’re all your social media pages are in sync and regularly updated.

5. Write better titles

Think of a newspaper or magazine and the first thing we notice is the title of the main article. It has to be eye catching and gripping enough to make people want to purchase it. The same applies to your blog. A good title will could be the difference between a potential new reader clicking into the blog or scrolling past. Bear that in mind on your next post.

6. Content Marketing

If a reader loves your content, then give them the opportunity to show the rest of the world. Make sure you have sharing buttons available at the bottom of each post.

Try one or multiple of these options, and watch your traffic tick up. You’ll find that driving traffic to your blog doesn’t have to be the overwhelming.