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What is a growth marketer?

Date published: July 03, 2023
Last updated: March 7, 2024

There are many different specialties and niches within the marketing industry. Marketing professionals focus on email marketing, social media, inbound marketing, SEO — the list goes on.

In addition, there are some marketers who work on asset creation. Others specialize in high-level things, like marketing tactics, revenue growth and acquisition, and growth strategy.

When an individual focuses on that last item, they’re called a growth marketer. Here is a quick rundown of what a growth marketer does (in relation to growth marketing strategy), and how they can help spark sustainable growth in a company.

What Does a Growth Marketer Do?

Separating growth marketing from other marketing activities, say digital marketing or product marketing, is important. At first glance, it’s easy to lump the various versions of the marketing profession together, the same way you can confuse something like growth marketing with traditional marketing.

However, it's the places where growth marketing differs from the rest of the marketing world that make it such a unique, effective approach to promoting a brand. This starts with the fact that growth marketers approach marketing from a different perspective.

Growth Marketers Start With the Customer

A Traditional marketer takes a brand or its product’s USP (unique selling proposition) and looks for a target audience that fits those pre-set parameters. Growth marketers work in reverse.

A growth marketer starts with the target audience and works to fit a brand’s message to their needs and pain points. Growth marketers consider what problems a potential customer is trying to solve. Then, they create marketing messages that connect those pain points with a brand’s solutions to both new and existing customers .

Growth Marketers Prioritize Data Over Gut Instinct

Marketers need to have good intuition to do their job well. However, in the past, marketers have leaned far too heavily on their gut instincts to make important decisions.

Growth marketers replace this priority on intuition with an increased emphasis on data. They build each marketing strategy based on cold hard facts. These can come from consumer feedback, Google Analytics, competitor research — you name it.

The point is, when a growth marketer goes to work, they operate with detailed data and analytics to ensure that they’re on the right track. That also means, if they aren’t on track, they can quickly course correct when the data doesn’t line up with company OKRs (objectives and key results) and marketing goals.

What Are the Most Important Parts of Growth Marketing?

Every good growth marketer focuses on three key areas as they create growth strategy frameworks to work from:

  • Authority: Growth marketers use sound, cohesive content strategies to create high-quality resources that build a brand’s authority in the eyes of its audience and industry.
  • Credibility: Growth marketers use digital PR tactics to continuously build a brand’s credibility across third-party sources and platforms.
  • Visibility: Growth marketers use SEO techniques to optimize content and help a brand rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages), boosting traffic and attention in the process.

When a growth marketer blends these three areas of authority, credibility, and visibility together, the results are synergistic. It enables a company to improve brand awareness and traffic, boost customer acquisition, build trust, and ultimately retain a loyal customer base.

When that happens, scaling enterprises are able to not just grow. They can own their industry.

What to Look for in a Good Growth Marketer

Understanding the value of growth marketing is one thing. Finding a quality growth marketer to help you turn theory into reality is another.

Looking for a quality third-party provider to outsource your growth marketing campaign can be a challenge. Here are a few skills and attributes that the Relevance team has found every good growth marketer possesses:

  • Good management and collaboration skills as they orchestrate a team simultaneously engaged in a variety of growth marketing techniques.
  • A firm, up-to-date grasp of what data is important and how to use the most effective tools to analyze it.
  • The ability to put themselves in the mindset of your target audience. Not just during discovery, but throughout the entire customer journey.
  • A proven track record that includes successful digital PR campaigns, data-backed SEO success, and stellar content creation.
  • Healthy communication habits and the ability to keep clients in the loop as they work on growing their brands.

If you work with a growth marketing agency, you need the results to more than pay for themselves. Make sure they have the skills and experience before you sign on the dotted line.

Growth Marketers: Data-Driven, Consumer-Focused

Growth marketers are pursuing the same end goal as any marketer: to make a company profitable. However, the way a growth marketer goes about this process makes a big difference in how effective they are when compared to other approaches to marketing.

From focusing on the customer to depending on data, growth marketers create powerful, sustainable growth-oriented strategies that help businesses acquire new customers and retain them over the long haul.

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