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Why Is Content As Important As Imagery For Your Fashion Business

Date published: October 19, 2018
Last updated: October 19, 2018

Think about the photos you see on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Visual content has taken the lead on digital and non-digital marketing platforms. Every photo we watch has a message for us which is explained briefly, without words. Images have become very important in marketing a fashion business. Fashion-savvy consumers can look at some photos and tell the brand.

There is no text in the photo but you it is TOMS the brand. The shoes are widely popular for their style and comfort. If you are good at marketing your product, your brand imagery starts defining the way consumers deal with your brand.

Imagery defines your brand, but it is shallow without a solid content marketing strategy. The fashion industry takes the world by storm on every Fashion Week, but it also becomes evident on these events that content marketing is not a serious feat of many brands.

Brands like Nasty Gal, Michael Kors,and Maybelline use content to become more popular in the masses. Maybelline never takes a backseat during Fashion Week, because that is where they gather new customers’ attention.

Luxury brands are also missing out on many customers due to a poor content strategy and user experience. When you add a Mont Blanc watch to the shopping cart, you have no idea what you got yourself into.

The shipping is exclusive of this amount, but the site does not explain it when you are checking out. It is one of the biggest drawbacks when designing an e-commerce site. If you don’t guide the user, the user will go to another site that has excellent navigation.

You should fill your site with good copy that describes the product and shopping experience.

The Leather Skin Shop can feature items just like any other clothing brand, but they go a step ahead to include a product description on their shop. Content that describes your product and solves user queries will end up earning you more conversion through the site.

Make it a lifestyle:

The reason why H&M is the second largest fashion retailer in the world is not expensive marketing. They reached this peak because of word of mouth. H&M quickly absorbed the idea that you need fast fashion to keep the audience hooked to your brand. If you do not give them what they want right now, they will move on to the next store.

H&M, like muchother fashion retailers, turned their brand into a lifestyle. It is lucrative,and people want to associate themselves with the brand. The content helped H&M to attract more customers and propagate the word of mouth ideas with strong visuals.

Their motto is simple: quality and fashion at a good price. They make everything you need, from clothes to bags and accessories for women, men,and kids around the world. This lot of dispatched to 3,900 stories in 61 markets.

Your brand can also benefit from content that sells a lifestyle. This enables customers to remain a part of your brand even if they are not shopping from it. They will share your social media posts, recommend you to others and take part in your contests because they want to associate themselves with the lifestyle.

The best way to remain in the conversation is through a fashion blog. Fashion blogs are a great way to teach your customer base about styling your products and earn referrals. Understand the different lifestyles of your customers, be it modest fashion, teenage choices or children wear. Give them customers ideas and become the first source of information about your apparel and accessories.


The fashion world is an uptight, decorated stage which seems perfect from afar. You can make waves by taking your audience backstage to the real talk. People would love to see what you do behind the scenes that prepare for such beautiful campaigns.

Whenever there is Victoria’s Secret fashion show, people are most excited for behind the scenes photos. Gigi Hadid is seen chilling with a cup of coffee as her makeup artist prepares her to look stunning on the runway. Cara Delevingne is seen chatting with a fellow model, looking candid as ever. This is the content people love to see and share with friends on social media.

Interact with fans through BTS photos and conversation over comments on social media profiles. People want to ask questions, and you should tell them that you are listening. Fashion brands can turn in more customers just by interacting with people who like the brand.

Another brand called Rent the Runway is one of its kind renting platform for fashion lovers. They incorporate user content on their site, to tell the world how much they love their user’s fashion choices. You can also use these many ways to appreciate and interact with your customers.

Set new trends:

Never look at the competitor to steal ideas. In the fashion world, you need to set your trends. That’s why brands like Nike are setting their solid trends. Nike does not look at other brands to create a social media or content strategy. Instead, they turn to the customers and pick inspirations.

In one of the most iconic campaigns, Nike produced a video that described how women feel when getting into sports or athletic activities. The campaign was powerful, and almost every woman nodded in agreement. Take a look at the ‘Better for it’ video.

Don’t wait for trends to change. Change them yourself and include your customers in the conversation. You can do this when you know your brand well and have built several personas for the brand online. Believe it or not, fashion slang also helps immensely in putting you on trendy lists. Captions and website copy won’t have the same effect until you use ‘sunnies for sunglasses,’ ‘skinnies for skinny jeans’ or ‘collab for collaborations.’

 Last word:

You can turn into a ‘swoon-worthy’ fashion brands by polishing your content strategy. If you want inspiration to start a strategy, look into your comments section and research the likes and dislikes of your customer base. Do you have some tips for the fashion marketers out there? We want to update this list with your tips and tricks, so leave them in the section below.

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