Why Is Instagram the Best Platform for Engagement and How You Can Use It?

The popularity of Instagram is growing since 2010 and there is no denying the fact that it is going to continue to grow and beat the other social media platforms as well. Most people do not know that Instagram is the second most popular network after Facebook currently. Marketers have started to fall for this amazing platform because of the opportunities that it is constantly providing. Most people do not know that the total advertisers on this visual platform have been doubling over the years. Also, Instagram is the ideal platform for engaging customers.

What do the metrics have to say?

It is extremely difficult to measure engagement on other platforms but Instagram is known to measure a number of factors, which include the visibility of the posts, the tendency of commenting, as well as share-ability. It is basically the ability to connect with followers. According to a survey that had been conducted, it was revealed that 60% of the Instagram micro influencers thought that the visual platform is undoubtedly the best platform for customer engagement, as stated by Forbes.

The why

Most of you are going to have a question as to why Instagram is good at engaging with the customers. Given below is a list of the reasons that you cannot miss considering.

The mobile functionality

It is extremely easy to use Instagram even when you are moving around. Instagram is basically one of the mobile-exclusive platforms, and you have the option of editing images instantly even when you are moving around from one place to another. This is capable of providing an in-the-moment experience, which will help in attracting more people. The Instagram app is simple and convenient and does not require any rocket science for anyone to use it.

The visual nature

Human beings are interested in gathering as well as interpreting information with the help of sight, and this is one of the main reasons as to why visual marketing is extremely popular. Instagram is responsible for appealing to this visual nature. The entire news feed of Instagram has been occupied by numerous images and they are reduced to the same square format, which is responsible for providing a certain formality level to this entire experience.


Instagram is a departure from the other social media applications like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, because of the simplicity that it has. It has performed the job of gaining the attraction of the young audience and the best part is that most of the users are below 30 years of age. This is responsible for creating an energy level, which the social media brands have already lost.


Instagram is also responsible for catering to interesting customers. It is going to offer posts, which are publicly available, like Twitter. However, it is capable of controlling spam and one of the best personal networks. The best part about Instagram is that it is not limited to only a single social function as opposed to LinkedIn, which is only going to help the users to mingle with a professional network. Instagram is known to be approachable to a huge number of audiences. This is going to maximize the potential user base of Instagram and naturally helps people to communicate more with one another.

The downsides associated

When you are discussing Instagram, you cannot miss the fact that Instagram is also not completely perfect. Given below is a list of the downsides that you have to consider when you are developing the campaign.

No links

Instagram doesn’t allow you to publish any link with their posts, and hence it is difficult for you to lead your target customers to your site. You have to include the link to your website or any product or service in the Instagram bio. It can be extremely annoying to not be able to post more than a single link, however, this is going to be responsible for cutting down spam and help in engaging the audience.

All about images

You should not jump on Instagram only for reading posts because all you will get is images, conveying different and unique stories. If you are interested in sharing a written message, chances are that you will not be able to reach many people unless you are using the text in an image form, in the style of a meme.

Limits of conversation

You need to know that Instagram has not been created for a back and forth conversation with your followers. If you are interested in dialogues or debates, it is crucial that you consider some other platform, which is responsible for offering this.

Images first

You do not need to be a great photographer in order to build your follower base on Instagram, but you definitely, need to have knowledge about certain basics of photography. If your image is strong, it is going to stand out in the news feeds of the users and it is obvious that they are going to engage with you even more.

Keeping it light

Instagram is not the ideal place for an extended and heavy engagement. Within your images, comments, and posts, your main objective should be keeping everything light and concise.

Having a call to action

It is definitely a good idea to make the followers happy and keep the audience base large but you also have to ensure that your followers are actively involved in something if you are interested in making the campaign profitable. Your post should definitely have a call to action so that people are interested in visiting your site.

Rewarding the followers

If you want the followers to stay around, you can reward them by providing exclusive content, giving freebies, or discounts on certain occasions. You can even send a thank you message for keeping the users around.


Instagram is receiving a lot of love and there is no indication that the popularity is going to decline. If you are not on this network, it is high time that you join. You will be amazed by the rewards that Instagram is capable of providing.